Action – Socialism – Laocracy: New Resistance Evropa Communique # 3

Central Committee NR Evropa


New Resistance Evropa – Central Committee Communique # 3

ACTION – Only the most rigorous and hard-hitting movement can overturn the wretched prevailing order. New Resistance calls on people of Action to resist the temptation of idleness and procrastination. On the Streets, in the Church, in the Labor Unions, in the Arts, and in the Schools!

Propaganda of the deed, and victory through victory. Tomorrow is built today!

SOCIALISM – New Resistance will win the fight for Public Ownership of the Mass Production Corporations through elected Worker-Shareholder Councils, and for Interest-Free Social Credit for the Entrepreneurs, Craftsmen, and Small Enterprises. We fight for a revolution in Labor and Management, and to Win to our Vision anyone of any class, towards an Organic Vanguard. The productive forces of modernity contain inherent contradictions, containing both the potential for further enslavement, or freedom for Europeans.

We strive towards a New Beginning, away from the alienating and disastrously flawed focus on Society as the political subject. New Resistance looks to the future, and to the past – only to find what is in the eternal and invincible present – in the heart, in the spirit – the Logos of Eurasia!

New Resistance understands that the proper subject is the people itself. A fresh and contemporary vision for Socialism is developed through a new Fourth Political Theory. In the traditions of both Spartacus and Julius Caesar; of the Communards and Blanquists; of the Pirate and the Adventurer; the Worker and the Soldier of Fortune – a new Populares; New Resistance is the sum total of the entire transformative human experience, the eternal return, and triumph of the myth.

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New Resistance builds New Man – worker and soldier, builder and dreamer, lover and fighter, merciful and brutal.

Towards a Horizontal and Vertical, revolutionary organization of society, and publicly shared corporations; the totalizing unity of the sacred and secular.

LAOCRACY – New Resistance uniquely understands that it is the People – or Laos – who are the proper political subject. In a terminological bait-and-switch, a total fraud, has been perpetrated upon people, to believe in a lie called ‘Democracy’ as the rule by, for, and of the people. In European antiquity, this ‘Democracy’ was little more than Republican-Oligarchic rule of the landed citizenry. The proletarian struggle then, as now was for Laocracy. Only a people brought in Action for Socialism by total dedication, victory of the higher self, and infused with indomitable spirit, can win the fight for Socialism – A Laocracy!


– Joaquin Flores

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