BBC’s Tripoli – Pro-GNA Journalism in the service of Empire

By Vladimir Gujaničić


By Vladimir Gujaničić – If it is known from the beginning of the Haftar march in Tripoli that the UK, along with Turkey and Qatar, supports the Muslim Brotherhood government in Tripoli, the BBC’s reporting on the ground goes beyond the boundaries of bias and unprofessionalism.

The BBC reporter in Tripoli Feras Kilani reported a few days ago about the fighting that runs south of Tripoli. After a short report on the fighting Feras Kilani said “Hello, this is Libya, it could be one of the richest countries for oil”, but further reports about the advancement of General Haftar coming from the East and attacking Tripoli where the internationally recognized government is located. In a very short time interval, the reporter repeats again that they are the forces of an internationally recognized government.


The reporter repeats the same mantra after he was photographed beside the captured vehicle of the LNA forces captured by the troops of an internationally recognized government. It further goes on to say that General Haftar is a new dictator who wants to establish a dictatorship over Libya “and was also Gaddafi’s friend”. When we compared these reports with those from the time of the demolition of Gaddafi, we would see all the parody of the BBC reporting, who without any journalistic critical thought blindly conducts the interests of Great Britain.

At the time of Gaddafi, Libya was the richest African country, and per capita was richer than many European countries. Now, after eight years of uninterrupted war in several phases, Libya has been dismantled, and the Muslim fraternity supported by the United Kingdom is becoming a “bastion of freedom” against military dictatorship, which, according to journalists, “can save the international community.”

A BBC journalist is trying to impose an opinion that General Haftar is trying to restore Gaddafi’s “gloomy days” and to re-establish the dictatorship, and if it is completely clear that Haftar with the countries that support him has absolutely no ideological continuity with Gaddafi’s Libya. That said, it’s cleaer that only Haftar has an interest in a unified Libya, a big step in the right direction. Libya must undergo state building and nation building before issues of development (reconstruction) and then here we will confront the questions of wealth distribution, human development and regional hegemony, which Gaddafi’s Libya excelled at. While we won’t be seeing this any time soon, none of it will happen without a united Libya. That England supports the GNA is enough to know who is on the wrong side of history.

The display of Haftar’s forces as much more powerful than the “weakly armed” fighters of the GNA forces is a classic attempt to show the side supported by Britain weaker and symbolize David who is fighting the Goliath.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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