BREAKING: “Holy fu**ing sh*t dude!” American F-16 warplane CRASHES into California warehouse, cover-up exposed

CALIFORNIA – A fully armed F-16 fighter plane crashed late yesterday at the March Air Reserve Base near Riverside, California, into a nearby warehouse. While the U.S authorities report that the pilot ejected safely, they have not admitted that a crash had occurred in such a way, and as a result, FRN is still awaiting confirmation on all official claims made regarding the alleged well-being of the pilot. The authorities initially attempted to cover-up the crash, overtly misinforming Los Angeles based KABC-TV media – only later to be proven entirely at odds with the evidence.

In a video that has since gone viral (below, tweet), warehouse workers can be heard coming around the corner where the F-16 has crashed and saying:

‘Holy (expletive, expletive) dude … that’s a (expletive) airplane, that’s a military airplane in our building’

A piece of the plane’s canopy and a parachute were seen on the nearby runway after the pilot ejected, surviving the crash. No injuries were reported on the ground.

Although footage from the scene clearly showed a large hole in the roof of a warehouse and the debris undoubtedly confirming a crashed jet inside, a March ARB spokesman Major Perry Covington initially lied to media, for reasons unknown other than this is standard practice among American officials, and said that the plane crashed at the end of the runway while landing, and did not hit any buildings. This is despite copious empirical, photographic, and eyewitness evidence to the contrary.


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