BREAKING: Ukrainian Army opens fire on Donbass water treatment plant workers

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DONBASS – Ukrainian government troops fired on a bus carrying workers from the Donetsk water treatment plant.

“This Tuesday [May 7] at 9:17 [local time] in the morning a bus with employees of the Donetsk water treatment plant was attacked with grenade launchers by Ukrainian armed formations,” the representative of the Donetsk militias in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire informed reporters.

The Joint Center representative stated that the workers of the plant were unharmed from this attack.

The water treatment plant supplies water to some 400,000 inhabitants in the cities of Donetsk, Avdeevka, Yasinovataya and other towns on both sides of the line separating Ukrainian government troops and independence militias.

Since April 2014, the Ukrainian troops are carrying out a military operation in the east of the country, where the people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk were proclaimed in response to the violent change of government that occurred in February of the same year.

The Minsk agreements, signed in September 2014 and February 2015, laid the foundations for a political solution to the conflict, but they have not yet led to the cessation of violence.

Hostilities have so far left more than 13,000 dead, according to UN estimates.

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Meanwhile, the proposal of the Ukrainian politician Semion Semenchenko to “depopulate Donbass” is a manifestation of Nazism, Ruslan Balbek told the State Duma (Lower Chamber of the Russian Parliament) said.

Semenchenko, deputy of the Supreme Rada (Ukrainian Legislative), in an interview with YouTube’s Politeka channel urged the Ukrainian authorities to “depopulate the Donbass”.

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“Semenchenko’s brilliant idea is an interpretation of the works of an individual who was called Führer 80 years ago … It is also the result of the Maidanization of Ukraine, it is an undisguised Nazism that does not pay attention to the means to achieve its objectives,” said Balbek.

He said that “the new heroes” of Ukraine are proposing the extermination of the population of an entire region and at the same time they are talking about human rights, “aggression” and “annexation.”

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