CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: Netanyahu orders continued attacks on civilians of Gaza Strip


TEL AVIV – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a continuation of attacks on what he terms Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip. He said this, opening the weekly government meeting on May 5th.

“We also ordered the reinforcement of infantry, tank and artillery units on the border with the sector. Hamas pays a high price not only for its actions, but also for the actions of Islamic Jihad, ” Netanyahu said, reports.

The prime minister urged citizens to comply with all orders of the security forces.

“I ask the citizens of Israel to strictly comply with the instructions of the Home Front, they save lives. We are acting and will continue to act in order to return peace and security to the inhabitants of the south, ”

The Palestinian Authority called on the UN to intervene immediately to stop the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza. A statement by the Palestinian side says that the Israeli army “has targeted defenseless civilians and damaged infrastructure in Gaza.”

The Israeli armed forces have speciously claimed to have detected launches of more than 200 rockets from the Gaza Strip and intercepted several dozen of them using the Iron Dome system. The Israeli army attacked more than 30 positions in the Gaza strip, of what they claim to be of Palestinian militants Hamas in the Gaza Strip. However, video and photo images, shown in FRN’s coverage, demonstrate that these attacks are occurring in civilian areas, making these war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Israel has long-claimed that Hamas uses Palestinian as ‘human shields’. If true, these are to prevent Israel from launching attacks on Hamas positions because they would also be hitting innocent civilians. The paradox then is that Netanyahu uses this phrase to justify precisely attacks in which civilians are ultimately victims, calling into question the ‘shield’-like nature of said humans. The operation is said to involve tanks and aircraft, while Hamas is accused of using rocket attacks which to-date have caused several thousands of dollars to a single home, and the death of one Israeli citizen.

These ‘rocket attacks’ are being used by Israel to justify a massively disproportionate and imbalanced ‘response’ which has seen a rising body count and millions of dollars of structural damages to civilian areas on the Gaza Strip.

The Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip’s leader, Ziyad al-Nahal said “In the event that Israel resumes the practice of targeted liquidations”(of civilians – ed), the Islamic Jihad organization will deal a powerful blow to major Israeli cities, without regard to any agreements and arrangements. This was said in response to the publication by the press service of the Israeli army of a photograph of Baha Abu al-Ata , the field commander of one of the militant movement groups operating in the north of the enclave.

“We will have no red lines,” proclaimed al-Nahal.

The IDF considers Abu al-Ata to be responsible for some alleged rocket attack on Israel on Monday evening, as well as for a series of recent sabotage attacks, including for attempting to set fire to some structures on Israeli territory with the help of “fireballs,”. While Israel and its media have failed to introduce any evidence of these alleged instances of sabotage by this individual, other than a single video of some damage to a single Israeli house, it should be noted that the actions of Bahi Abu-Ata is considered a radical even among the Islamic Jihad militants.

Nevertheless, by the IDF’s own admission, these are individual acts of ostensible terrorism, and would be dealt with by any legitimate state or security agency, acting in a legitimate way, as a criminal matter. Instead the tremendous imbalanced ‘response’ gives credence to accusations made against Israel by critics that it is simply using a pretext to justify massive war crimes and crimes against humanity. In short, one would expect the rounding up of the usual suspects, interrogations, and police-work dedicated to the arrest of the alleged perpetrator. Instead, we find a massive military campaign in which whole civilian blocks have come under air-force bombing.

Hamas, in an attempt to stabilize the economic situation in the enclave to prevent a social explosion, primarily due to the galloping growth of unemployment and impoverishment of the population caused by Israel’s blockade and ongoing sabotage of the economy and repression of human rights, is nevertheless apparently taking the high-road and taking tough measures to prevent any actions that could harm the agreements with Israel.

Hamas understands that tightening the blockade of the enclave will affect not only the supply of electricity and fuel from Israel, but also its relations with neighboring Egypt. In the event of an aggravation of the situation on the border with Israel, the Egyptian authorities, acting as mediators in the negotiations between Israel and Hamas, as a rule, could close the only checkpoint in Rafah through which residents of the Gaza Strip can go beyond it. This causes an additional increase in tensions in the sector and discontent with the authorities.

Therefore, the uncontrollability of the “Islamic Jihad” and its unwillingness to coordinate their steps with the enclave’s government cause sharp irritation not only in Gaza, but also in Cairo. This is evidenced by the invitation to Egypt of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad delegations to the negotiations on the problems of internal Palestinian reconciliation.

It should be noted that the leader of Islamic Jihad, Ziyad al-Nahal himself, until recently, was himself the target of attacks by Baha Abu al-Ata himself.

And yet for all these reasons, that Hamas itself has distanced themselves from these acts by a lone-acting rogue extremist, lends further credence to the charge made by critics of Israel that this entire flare-up more resembles the work of the MOSSAD and is likely to have began as a false-flag operation, or through the use of compromised characters, possibly al-Ata himself.

It came to the point that at the end of January of this year, Baha al-Ata refused to recognize the results of the election of the political leadership and announced his intention to remove his group from the subordination of the central command of the Islamic Jihad. This happened after al-Nahal and his deputy Akram Ajuri, who won the elections, decided to introduce strict unity of command in the militarized wing of the organization and take control of all the troops under its auspices.

What is clear beyond the shadow of a doubt, is that al-Nahal and several lone individuals have launched some relatively ineffectual assaults on Israeli targets, causing little-to-no damage. This has justified the pretext of what amounts to an Israeli campaign of ethnic cleansing and the indiscriminate targeting of areas densely populated by civilians.

The mainstream leadership of Hamas, and also the moderates of the Islamic Jihad, have no political choice when the entire civilian population is under attack, but to maintain legitimacy by mirroring with words what Israel is doing with its army and air-force.

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