DELUSIONS – Former Venezuelan prosecutor says China, Russia should help remove Maduro from power

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CARACAS – China and Russia should participate in the solution of the Venezuelan crisis by offering options to President Nicolás Maduro to leave power, said former Venezuelan prosecutor Luisa Ortega Díaz in an interview with Reuters on Tuesday.

He said that he does not rule out making an offer (for Maduro), a serious offer, but that it has to be made from countries like China, Russia, she said in Bogota, Colombia, without giving many details of her ideas to end the crisis in his country.

Ortega, who arrived in Colombia in August 2017, after being fired by the National Constituent Assembly, argued that Maduro should receive help to leave the post and the country, but still answer for alleged crimes committed by his administration.

Pressured by international forces gathered around the United States, Nicolás Maduro’s government was the victim of a coup attempt late last month by opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó. Although several countries have chosen to support Guaidó and defend more strongly a transition of power in Venezuela, Maduro continues to govern the country with the support of a considerable part of the population and countries such as China, Russia and Cuba.

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Meanwhile, Venezuela’s Supreme Court has ordered the opening of four more opposition deputies for conspiracy and treason charges because of its alleged involvement in the coup attempt last April 30.

“The facts of the petition compromise the responsibility of the citizens Carlos Alberto Paparoni Ramírez, Miguel Alejandro Pizarro Rodríguez, Franco Manuel Casella Lovaton and Winston Eduardo Flores Gómez, in the blatant execution of the crimes of ‘Betrayal of the Fatherland, Conspiracy, Insurrection, Civil Revolt, Agreement for the Delinquency, Usurpation of Functions, Public Instigation to the disobedience of the laws and the continued hatred, foreseen and sanctioned in articles 128, 132, 143, 145, 163, 213, 285, all of Penal Code, respectively, sanctioned in article 37 of the Organic Law Against Organized Crime and Financing of Terrorism,” the court said in a statement.

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