Despite Trump’s desperate attempts, Russia and China may overtake US in space race

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Today, the US faces new challenges in space. Space activity in Russia and China threatens US leadership in this area, says acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan.

Advanced technologies from Russia and China are rapidly neutralizing America’s advantage in space. Nowadays, both countries are involved in the creation of sophisticated space equipment and weapons such as anti-satellite lasers, interference systems to bar satellite signals and navigation equipment. All of this poses a threat to the US Army, said Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan in The Wall Street Journal.

“From secure communications networks to rocket-launch detection systems to the interception of terrorist messages, space capabilities are crucial to national defense,” wrote the Pentagon chief, stressing that for decades US capabilities were not in doubt, but that everything changed.

Last year China’s space activity was very intense, the country made about 40 rocket launches, while the US only launched 17. It is obvious that the US is losing its influence in this area, American.

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According to him, Russia and China, seeing how the US economy and security depend on space, have created technologies to take advantage of this dependency. So he thinks the United States should create Space Forces, which are to become the sixth branch of the country’s Armed Forces.

This comes as China and Russia are also working hard to surpass US military and technological capabilities, at a portion of the price tag. Although the US is the leading military spender in the world, far surpassing the next five states with the highest military expenditure, its equipment is not to the same high level as what the Chinese and Russians are now producing.

One such example is the famous Russian S-400 missile defense system that have a far cheaper operating cost compared to the overpriced and inferior US Patriot Missile System. It is for this reason that many states, including NATO members like Turkey, are buying the S-400.

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