Did Russia refuse to sell the S-400 to Iran? New York thinks so


NEW YORK – Russia has refused to sell S-400 air defense systems to Iran, Bloomberg said, citing two sources.

According to the agency, Moscow believes that the sale could lead to increased tension in the Middle East region.

“Russia’s reaction to Iran’s request reflects the delicate balance of power in the Persian Gulf, where a showdown is brewing between the Islamic Republic on one hand, and the U.S. and its Gulf Arab allies on the other. President Donald Trump agreed this month to send more U.S. troops to the region after the U.S. blamed Iran for attacks on Saudi oil installations as well as four ships,” the publication said.

However, there is no official confirmation of the information. The purchase of Russian S-400 systems was also discussed by Algeria, Vietnam, Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

Russia supplies S-400 systems to China, and contracts have recently been signed with Turkey and India, which has caused discontent in Washington.

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he had no information that Russia allegedly refused to supply S-400 air defense systems to Iran.

I do not have this information,” Peskov told reporters. He hopes that this news will be carefully checked. “You have to be very careful with the information [received],” added the Kremlin spokesman.

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It is worth noting that a source familiar with the situation said on Friday that Tehran and Moscow are not currently discussing the supply of S-400 systems. “The issue of supplying S-400 is not on the agenda of negotiations between Russia and Iran,” the source said.

Meanwhile, following failed attempts to intimidate Turkey into buying Russian anti-aircraft systems, the United States is trying to dissuade another country from buying the S-400s.

Washington has made a proposal to New Delhi to opt for American THAAD missile defense systems and Patriot missile system (PAC-3) instead of buying Russian S-400 systems, reports the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times.

If India moves forward with the purchase of the S-400 systems it could face US sanctions under a federal law of 2017 that imposed sanctions on Russia (as well as on North Korea and Iran) and prohibits any other nation from negotiating agreements with these countries. Moscow criticized this law and called it a declaration of a “total trade war”.

Last March, a Defense Department official said the US was working on an “alternative choice” for India.

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