Did the U.S receive an S-300 System from Ukraine?


file photo of S-300

The S-300PT anti-aircraft missile system was detected in a military facility in the USA. A Russian expert explains how he could have gotten there.


As published by the Defense Blog, on a satellite image published on Twitter you can see a command post with a 30N6 type lighting and guidance radar and two launchers. The location of the polygon and its name are not specified. It is unknown if these components of the S-300 are real.

Commenting on the Defense Blog article, Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko assumed that this S-300 could have arrived in the US from Ukraine. He recalled that Kiev, under the presidency of Petro Poroshenko, had provided the Pentagon with access to samples of Soviet military equipment.

“Perhaps, in the framework of this agreement, a contract was signed for the supply of the old Soviet air defense system S-300 to the US for US Air Force personnel to study and develop methods to counteract it,” Korotchenko suggests.

However, the study of this modification of the system will be useless for the Americans because it has been obsolete for a long time, since there is nothing secret in these weapons built in the 1980’s.

“The modern S-400 Russian-made equipment has nothing in common with those old Soviet systems, so even getting information about the Soviet S-300 thirty years ago will not allow the United States to counter our Triumf,” he added.

The satellite image cited by Defense Blog was posted on Twitter on May 1 by the user tamydoolittle (@ border9999). Later, this account was removed from the social network.

FRN has no further information on whether the US came into possession of the S-300 system – however, nothing in its air-force arsenal, the details of which are publicly known, has any particular abilities to counter the system as it exists.


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