EU Parliament: Nationalists Have Already Won

By Alexekin Rockowia

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By Alexekin Rockowia – The elections for the European Parliament will be set between two fundamentally different views. Liberal politicians have turned it into a campaign against extremism in the form of nationalism, just like Hillary did in her notorious speech about the “deplorable” – a frivolous slur that backfired and antagonized a great deal of voters. Now a similar language is being used in Europe: it is either us or them.

In this effort to vilify their opponents, the liberals do nothing but endlessly reiterate cheap slogans and vague talk about “human rights” and “democracy”. But the truth is that they have already lost their credibility as representatives of some humanitarian superpower – among other things because of the deals they made with Turkey and Libya to keep the migrants away from the continent. Such clear disregard of the documents on human rights signed by their predecessors and still in effect could not possibly be reconciled with the humanitarian policy.

On the other hand, the European Union’s proudest offspring, which liberal politicians have bragged so much about, namely the “Europe without Borders”, is officially in its deathbed. This becomes obvious even in Sweden, where the Social Democratic government is now forcing people to show their passports when requested. What we can make out from this is that the European Union has already been redefined, thanks to the ongoing assimilation of nationalist ideas by liberal politicians afraid of losing votes.

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And now the liberals, the same ones who created the problems, are counting on people to give them one more chance to fix them. But they have lost credibility here as well. The only reason why everyone does not see it yet is because they have been manipulated.

But more and more people are beginning to see through their lies and hypocrisy, empty promises and worthless achievements. Yes, the liberals will, in a sense, win this election – but just like in France, where the voters were shamelessly cheated and deceived, more and more people will realize that they have had enough. This is why it can be even beneficial that liberals win the May elections: because, unlike the nationalists, they cannot solve problems by using “quick fixes” and other methods that do not agree with liberal democracy. In other words, it will end up as a colossal fiasco – after which the nationalist will surely get more votes and in five years maybe at last come to power.

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