Evremov – 1971: The Destruction of Societies Occurs through the Loss of Morality

By Ivan Evremov


Ivan Evremov, April 22, 1908 – October 5, 1972 – was a Soviet paleontologist, science fiction author and social thinker. He is the originator of the concept of taphonomy, the study of fossilization patterns. One month after his death in October of 1972, the KGB sealed off his modest apartment on the Spasoglinischevsky Pereulok, full of books, diaries, scientific treatises, maps, notebooks, and many other items. In the 1940s, Efremov developed a new scientific field called taphonomy, for which he was awarded the Stalin prize in 1952. His book Taphonomy was published in 1950. He applied many taphonomic principles in his field work during a paleontological expedition to the Gobi desert in Mongolia. During these years, he was recognized as a successful scientist and won a state science award.


By Ivan Evremov (1971), translated by Kristina Russ

All the destruction of empires, states and other political organizations occurs through the loss of morality.

This is the only real cause of catastrophes in the entire history, and therefore, investigating the causes of almost all cataclysms, we can say that the destruction has the character of self-destruction. The incompetence, laziness and playfulness of the “boys” and “girls” in any undertaking is a characteristic feature of this very time. I call this the “immoral explosion”, and it seems to me much more dangerous than a nuclear war.

We can see that since ancient times, morality and honor (in the Russian sense of these words) are much more significant than swords, arrows and elephants, tanks and dive-bombers.

When honest and hard work becomes unusual for all people, what kind of future can humanity expect? Who can feed, clothe, heal and motivate people? Dishonest, what they are now, how they can conduct scientific and medical research?


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Generations accustomed to an honest lifestyle are likely to die out over the next 20 years, and then there will be the greatest catastrophe in history in the form of a widespread technical monoculture, the foundations of which are now being persevered in all countries, and even in China, Indonesia and Africa.

To think that it is possible to build an economy that will satisfy any human need, the tendency to which permeates the entire Western (eg American), and ours, in the vulgar and literal understanding of “each according to needs”, fiction is an unallowable utopia, akin to a utopia about a perpetual motion machine etc.

The only way out is in the strictest self-restriction of material needs, based on an understanding of the place of man and mankind in the universe as a thinking mind, absolute self-control, and the absolute superiority of spiritual values over material ones. Understanding that intelligent beings are a tool for knowing the universe itself. If this understanding does not happen, then mankind will die out as a species, simply during the natural course of cosmic evolution, as unsuitable / unadapted for solving this task, being supplanted by a more suitable (not necessarily arisen on Earth). This is a law of historical development as immutable as the laws of physics.

The pursuit of expensive things, powerful cars, huge houses, etc. – This is the legacy of the Freudian complex of the psyche, developed as a result of sexual selection. The only way to overcome this complex is through a comprehensive understanding of mental and psycho-physiological processes, which has been practiced in India and Tibet for 2,000 years. Ergo training and education should begin with learning psychology as the history of the development of human consciousness and the history of social consciousness. Physics, chemistry, mathematics are compulsory, but far from sufficient disciplines for the consciousness of modern man with his enormous population density and, as a result, information density, with the inevitable brainwashing necessary to maintain the current social structure.

To give a teenager 12-14 years old an idea of himself, as the creator of a new, unknown researcher, instead of the stereotype of a “successful layman” formed by this moment, who filled the entire western noosphere and firmly rooted in ours ..

The same can be said about schools, most of which produce hard and bone graduates, completely devoid of curiosity, which was not even 20 years ago. School programs are mired in detail, instead of creating a system of ideas about the world, as a result of successful students – “wonders”, completely devoid of creative thinking. They enter a university, and then come to enterprises, research institutes, completely devoid of a holistic view of the structure of the world.

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