FAILURE: Pentagon admits U.S sanctions boosted Chinese investment in Russia

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MOSCOW – Russia’s economy has enjoyed an increase in Chinese investments as Western sanctions have brought Beijing closer to Moscow, according to a report released by the US Department of Defense.

Despite the 136-page document devoted to the Chinese Armed Forces and Washington’s concerns about Beijing’s growing influence, including its economic strength, the US military did not neglect to mention Russia, with which China came together to “mitigate US pressure tactics.”

Moscow and Beijing often make a united front against the US proposals in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), as both nations “share a preference for a multipolar world order.”

“In the wake of Western sanctions against Russia, China has increased investment in Russia’s economy,” the Pentagon report said.

The document also mentions the massive New China Route initiative, saying the country can use the megaproject to create “military advantages.” He also claims that the initiative aims to shape interests of other countries to “align with China,” as well as the confrontation or criticism of the silence against it.

Russian-Chinese cooperation has been growing rapidly in recent years. Last year, turnover between the two countries reached a record $108 billion, which shows a growth of about 25%, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in April.

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The document also emphasized that Sino-Russian cooperation has reached a “historically high level” and could serve as an example for others.

This comes as the US Department of Defense released its China Military Energy Report for 2019. The report said China is seeking to increase its military footprint overseas and establish additional military bases in various parts of the world.

A Pentagon official, claimed that China continues to militarize the South China Sea, including placing missiles and interference systems on the Spratly Islands.

Beijing has claims in the region that considers sovereign territory and built military bases on artificial islands.

The United States routinely threatens China with warship patrols in the so-called freedom-of-navigation exercises that have lately been augmented by bomber flights.

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