INFO WAR? Iranian people Want Rouhani to pull-out of Nuclear Deal if necessary, says Iranian media


TEHRAN – The citizens urged the Iranian Government to take more forceful actions if Europe decides to maintain its passive attitude in the face of Washington’s attacks.

The people of Iran on Friday filled the streets of the main cities of the Islamic Republic to urge Iranian leadership to pull entirely out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if necessary, a move stipulated by the Iranian administration due to the inaction of Europe in the face of hostile actions United States (USA) against the Islamic Republic.


The community gathered mainly in Tehran, capital of Iran, after the customary collective prayer, as a show of support of the Iranian people with the determination of that nation to reduce its commitments stipulated in the nuclear agreement of which it is a part. 

Likewise, the Iranian State claimed a breach of promises on the part of the European continent after the sudden withdrawal of the United States of the aforementioned nuclear pact. 

The flag-bearers of this street demonstration demanded that the Tehran take more forceful actions if Europe decides to maintain its passive attitude in the face of Washington’s attacks. They exhorted the Iranian Government to guarantee the definitive exit of the JCPOA, to continue the indolent attitude from the European ranks. 

“We firmly and insistently demand the total suspension of the commitments of the Islamic Republic of Iran derived from the agreement known as the JCPOA  – which has been violated – and the total departure from the treaty if the European countries continue to fail to fulfill their commitments,” reads the popular statement .

The government of President Donald Trump betrayed the nuclear agreement , also called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, by withdrawing from it in May 2018 and then in October 2018 in a definitive manner, with only China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, among its active members, Germany and the European Union (EU).

Reports of this protest come out of state-run press in Iran as well, which could mean that Iranian media-intelligence is working with the Iranian deep-state, under the control of Khamenei, to return to a more conservative position regarding relations with the EU, and relying on its more consistent partners, China and Russia. This could see a return of pillars of power in Tehran closer to Ahmadinejad as opposed to Rouhani.

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