Introduction to the Origins of the Deep State in North America (Part 1).

The first of a two part reconstruction of modern history

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With the election of Donald Trump in November 2016, it has become apparent that America isn’t what many thought it was.

Suddenly, for the first time since the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, there was no longer one America but rather two opposing forces within America itself, and the question was raised “which is the real America?”

Here was a political leader who wasn’t from the technocratic establishment, and who campaigned to work with Russia and China, end regime change wars, reverse the nation-killing effects of NAFTA, revive the JFK-era space mission and even discussed restoring Glass Steagall.

A clue to what he chose to represent can be witnessed in his defence of the “American System” when he said on March 24, 2017 “this is the system our Founders wanted. Our greatest American leaders — including George Washington, Hamilton, Jackson, Lincoln — they all agreed that for America to be a strong nation it must also be a great manufacturing nation.” Describing the need for a re-industrialization program to reverse globalization, President Trump continued: “Imagine the breakthroughs that will breathe fresh life into forgotten places. Picture the new roads that will carve pathways all across our land — and we need them. And think of the new inventions that will lift up the sights of our nation. Finally, as we imagine this new prosperity at home, let us also work to achieve real and enduring peace abroad.”

In response to Trump’s invoking of this “American System” which most Americans had forgotten even existed, a powerful anger was felt reverberating from the highest echelons of power as an entire global structure was deployed to stop it. This anti-American System was activated internationally through the Five Eyes Intelligence apparatus which itself was deployed alongside power structures within America including major sections of the FBI, CIA, NSA, State Department, mainstream media and even the NATO-infected military. This multi-faceted apparatus which didn’t know party colors had used their hit man Robert Mueller as their champion to take down this re-emergence of an American System President using a “Russian-collusion” narrative written in Britain. This whole apparatus was soon given a name dubbed the “Deep State”. This Deep State wasn’t isolated to America itself, but was spread like an invisible spider’s web across the entire Trans-Atlantic Community of formerly sovereign nations hollowed out by 50 years of de-industrialization, and consumerism. If you were a nation that had found itself in the strait jacket of the Euro zone, NAFTA and NATO then you were likely infiltrated by this Deep State.

Soon, it became apparent that this structure was not even American as many supposed, but rather of a purely British Imperial pedigree and was even working against British nationalists such as Jeremy Corbyn. It finally came to light that the British Empire had never gone away after WWII, but had conducted a powerful slight of hand.

How did this happen? By what means and motives did this British-run Deep State arise? Was it always there or were there key moments in history that give us clarity into its origins and how it took over both America and other nations alike?

American System leaders Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy – both killed from operations based out of Montreal Canada

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By approaching history shaped by a battle between British and American systems of social order (which represents much more than merely British or American nations per se), a “master key” to unlock the secrets of Britain’s takeover of America (and Europe) throughout the 20th century can be  found by exploring the strange case of Canada.

Rhodes Scholar and “Technocrat whisperer” Chrystia Freeland

What is this “strange partly British/partly American monarchy of the Americas”? At the best of times it was uplifted by the constitutional traditions of America cited by Donald Trump above, and at the worst of times it was a platform to spread British intrigues upon the world exemplified by the Montreal-based assassinations of American System leaders Abraham Lincoln in 1865 and John F. Kennedy in 1963. Today those intrigues are felt by the role of Rhodes Scholar Chrystia Freeland and the modern Round Table movement of Ben Rowswell (Chatham House Canada President) who have together played leading roles in the attempted coup in Venezuela, protection of fascists in Ukraine and advance of NATO against Russia and China.

 It is from this vantage point that Fort Russ and the Center for Syncretic Studies are happy to present this reconstruction of history with these new insights in clear view, beginning with the British-funded America Civil War in 1860-1865, and ending with the waves of assassinations of the 1960s that gave birth to the “post-industrial society” and 1971 floating of the US dollar.

The first part of this reconstruction will tackle the 1864-1945 period and is titled “The Round Table Movement Arises” 

The second part will deal with the 1945-1971 period of world history and is titled “Milner’s Perversion Takes over Canada”. [featured next week]

Click here to read part one of the “Origins of the Deep State in North America”.

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