Israeli War-Crimes Spell Third Day of Havoc for Palestinian Civilians


GAZA, Palestine – May 5, 2019  – The body count continued to rise Sunday May 5th as the Israeli occupational forces deployed its terrorism against civilians, causing numerous casualties as Israel launched approximately 100 missiles into civilian areas of Gaza in the last 24 hours, in one of the most intense flareups of violence in the region in years.

Seven Palestinians, including a pregnant mother and her baby, were killed and fifty more have been hurt in the Palestinian enclave, according to Ashraf al Qudra, a Palestinian Health Ministry spokesman, who named the dead on Facebook.

As a result of Israel’s disinformation campaign and attempts to equivocate and create a sense of ‘tit for tat’, in its efforts to create a false-parity, FRN has no objective evidence that can verify that there has been any substantive attacks coming from Palestinian forces upon Israel, outside of one residential  house that only Israeli media had access to, and reported on.

With this in mind, Israeli authorities claimed that an early morning ‘rocket’ killed an Israeli man Sunday outside a home in the coastal city of Ashkelon. Israeli authorities claim that 80 others have been injured, but admit that most are simply suffering from stress, according to the MDA, Israel’s emergency health service. However, stress and neurosis are not atypical among the Israeli population which has been groomed for decades to respond to the specter of any possible attacks with high levels of stress.

If the report on the death of the Israeli man is accurate, then the man is the first Israeli to be killed by rocket fire in the Israel-Palestine conflict since 2014, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). As Russian state-run media such as RT has been reporting these events from the perspective of official statements of Israeli authorities, FRN will not duplicate this failure to conduct journalism, and will assess the situation from the fact of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, and the apartheid regime led by Zionist authorities.


‘Rockets’ and Rockets

Reportage on these events across the entire media sphere have been slanted and misinformative in nature. The ‘attack/response’ paradigm is chiefly a problematic one, given that the context of Israel’s brutal and illegal occupation of Palestine is left out of reports, and Israel’s aggression is therefore presented often as ‘defensive reactions’. Zionist media efforts are so pervasive, even across ostensibly counter-hegemonic media, that the ‘number‘ of ‘missiles’ and ‘rockets’ are reported on, in these apparently ‘tit for tat’ exchanges, and not their impact. 

Despite an information war campaign from Israel to legitimize its wanton terrorism and attacks upon civilians, wherein claims of Palestinian attacks predominate coverage, as well as reportage from the perspective of Israeli authorities, there is practically no empirical evidence of a wide-spread Palestinian offensive. In preparing this report, FRN scoured the internet, and relied chiefly on Zionist sources such as Ha’aretz where we would think to find the best-case presented in terms of evidence of Palestinian attacks.

What we found in three days of reportage was one video, showing what appeared to be ten-thousand dollars of damage to a residential structure, with some debris in a street easily cleaned up by a crew of  half a dozen people over the course of a few hours. Unfortunately, as we live in an age of information war, staged scenarios, hoaxes, and false flags, it is very difficult even to determine the authenticity of that strike. But for reporting purposes, we will evaluate this strike on an Israeli house as probable, given its scope, location, and based on what is known about Palestinian capacity to project force.

When these are compared to the empirical evidence of the extraordinarily imbalanced ‘response’ involving the mobilization of the IDF air force, where mushroom clouds litter scenes of the night skies, whole apartment buildings up in flames and leveled, it is clear that we are looking at something quite different than is portrayed not only in Zionist, but also ostensibly ‘counter-hegemonic’ media. Russian state media coverage from, for example RT, has been quite dismal, perhaps to the point of complicity. 

The Hamas forces in Gaza have a very limited scope of access to what anyone would think of when using terms like ‘missiles’ and ‘rockets’. It has been noted that Zionist media has even referred to M-80 type fire-crackers which carry only 3 grams of powder, used by Palestinian protesters, and can at best startle or distract people, as ‘projectile’ or ‘missile’ attacks. The use of sling-shots by protesters have also been referred to quite histrionically as ‘projectile attacks’.

Hamas nominally has access to a range of mostly home-made rockets, common among these is the Al Quds, as well as the Al Quds-3. While some in their arsenal can damage the opponent, it is unlikely that these are used in reported ‘attacks’ on the occupier’s main areas under the protection of Israel’s anti-missile defense system, known as the ‘Iron Dome’. Effective missiles are difficult and expensive to acquire or produce, and would be saved for use on Israeli military columns entering into the occupied areas, not decidedly not fired at random Israeli civilian areas.

Palestinian resistance forces are not engaged in any general strategy of tension, collective punishment, or the use of terrorism against the Israeli population. These are proven counter-productive, contrary to the resistance forces own doctrines, and have neither positive social, military, or economic impact on dissuading the occupational entity. Rather, they delimit Israeli voices for peace, and legitimate Israeli military efforts, as will as build support among the Israeli population for further occupational violence. Palestinian efforts, similar to those of others living under occupation, are to target strictly military forces, and minimize their own expenditure of valuable and limited munitions.

A ball of fire is seen during an Israeli air strike in Gaza City on May 4 Suhaib Salem/Reuters]


Israel, on the other hand, which has immense and modern military resources compared to Palestinian ‘police’ forces, has an explicit policy of terrorizing the Palestinian population, to use collective punishment to drive a wedge between the people and their leadership, and to ethnically cleanse them, drive them from the land. This has the effect of causing Palestinians to withdraw support from their own political organizations when those organizations can be shown to have initiated attacks wherein the Israeli response is collective punishment.

Besides targeting civilians in Gaza, Israel has destroyed the Palestine National Library, the Azhar Library and the National Cultural Center (below), destroying with them tens of thousands of books and historical documents.

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Slanted coverage

In assessing live reporting on this Israeli aggression, there are a few important notes to make. First is that the IDF has within its intelligence operations its own operatives and agents, either acting independently or within actual Palestinian forces. These individuals may carry out some sort of ‘attack’, with ‘rockets’, at a time and place convenient for a pre-calculated Israeli ‘response’. These Israeli ‘responses’ are reported as defensive reactions in nature, and reportage on these events focuses on the ‘number’ of projectiles reportedly launched by either side, and not their strength, size, or military value. These responses are universally disproportionate.


Palestinian children stand atop the remains of a building that was destroyed during an Israeli air strike on Rafah in the southern Gaza strip on Sunday.SAID KHATIB / AFP – Getty Images


The Palestinian government media office in Gaza said Israeli warplanes carried out about 150 raids, in addition to artillery-shelling targeting 200 civilian areas in the Gaza Strip. These including residential buildings, mosques, shops and media institutions, according to the Palestinian media office. Among the Zionist entity’s aims are to demoralize the Palestinian people, and to ruin economic development. Israel is facing a demographic crisis, and seeks to solve this through terrorism, collective punishment, and an apartheid policy. Eventually, Israel will have to declare its borders, and take on the responsibilities of an occupational power under international law, including Geneva conventions on occupations. Israel has effectively annexed Palestine, but insists on the two-state paradigm as this greatly limits its own responsibility to act as a guarantor of the rights of the indigenous people. Through these means, they do not have to create representative institutions which are inclusive of the Palestinian people who live effectively in an Israeli ‘bantustan’.

As a result of the recent campaign of collective punishment, about 40 Palestinians were wounded in the attacks, according to Gaza’s health ministry.


An explosion is pictured among buildings during an Israeli air raid on Gaza City [Mahmud Hams/AFP]


On Sunday, the Israeli army predictably denied that Falastine Abu Arar, the 37-year-old pregnant mother, and her infant daughter Siba, were killed by Israeli forces, instead blaming a misfiring of a Palestinian rocket.

Two men, 22-year-old Imad Nseir and 25-year-old Khaled Abu Qaleeq, were also killed by Israeli air raids on Saturday night.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad group said the two men killed overnight on Sunday, Mahmoud Issa, 26 and Fawzi Bawadi, 23, were members of its armed wing.


UN expresses concerns

The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov called on all parties to “immediately de-escalate and return to the understandings of the past few months”.

“I am deeply concerned by yet another dangerous escalation in Gaza and the tragic loss of life,” he said.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of all those who were killed, and I wish a speedy recovery to the injured.”

The latest flare-up came after four other Palestinians were killed in two separate incidents on Friday.

Two were shot dead during the weekly Great March of Return protests near the Israeli fence east of Gaza, while an air raid targeting a Hamas outpost killed two members of the movement’s armed wing.

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