Kiev police chief threatens to arrest May 9 celebrants wearing St George ribbon

Swastikas will apparently be okay

Kiev cop confronts aged Victory day celebrant, May 9, 2018.
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Svetlana Malekina in AntiFaschist

Kiev police chief promises to fight against St. George ribbons and the banners of Victory on May 9

Ukrainian police are already preparing to spoil the Victory Day, which Vyatrovich* has not yet been able to cancel.
They promise to remove Soviet symbolism on May 9 on Victory Day during the passage of the Immortal Regiment and the Peace March.
Indignant Kievans comment on the news: “The police simply have no other work. They have overcome crime, so only the ribbons, flags, hammer and sickle, and red banners of military units of the Great Patriotic War times are left for them.”
But their opinion does not bother anyone. So, the Kiev police chief Andrei Krishchenko has already warned that the security forces are not going to stand on ceremony with the “victorious,” as political Ukrainians call the celebrants over fascism.
He reassured supporters of the Day of Reconciliation and Repentance, saying that law enforcement officers will be tough on countering St. George ribbons and stars on the field lines – as it was all previous years, during Poroshenko’s rule.

“We observe, taking into account the political process in the country, that one part of people has some definite hopes, and in the street – there are some concerns that the police might be loyal to forbidden symbols. I want to warn some and reassure others that the police will comply with the norms of the law on decommunization. There are symbols that are prohibited, and, like last year and the year before last, the police will seize them, draw up administrative protocols, and carry out preventive measures,” the Kiev chief of police promised.

At the same time, he did not mention a word about the swastika, the SS symbols “Galicia”, or red and black flags, which regularly appear on May 9 on the streets of Ukrainian cities, and also fall under the law prohibiting communist and Nazi symbols.

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“Pay attention – not a word about the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, the fascist symbols in which they practically draw on their foreheads. In our “free” country, freedom is only for Naziks, such as Pravosek, S-14, National Corps and other right-wing radicals. They feel free,” posted users of social networks.

And they note that in Ukraine, where 7 million people gave their lives in the fight against the brown plague, opponents of fascism, those who defended and liberated the country from Hitler, fall under strict discrimination. “You should let old people to live this life peacefully with their symbols and holidays, and die in peace. I don’t know another such country where neo-Nazism breathes so freely,” Ukrainians, who massively voted for the abolition of the glorification policy of the fascists, demand from the new government.


*Volodymir Viatrovych is head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance.

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