Led by Salvini, populist bloc may have 150 members in the European Parliament


ROME – The new pan-European party alliance promoted by Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini under the slogan “Towards a common sense Europe” should win at least 150 of the 750 seats of the European Parliament.

As a result, the Salvini bloc should become one of Parliament’s three main political forces, the leader of Bulgaria’s Volya party, Veselin Mareshki, claimed.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Salvini held a demonstration in Milan on Saturday, before the European elections. He was joined by 11 populist leaders of European parties, including Marine Le Pen, the French National Movement; George Meuthen, the Alternative for Germany (AfD); and, Geert Wilders of the Dutch Freedom Party. These parties have formed the European Alliance of People and Nations to change the current balance of powers in the European legislature.

“We were invited to cooperate first with our Austrian colleagues, then Marine Le Pen, and now we are approaching Matteo Salvini. We are building a great alliance,” said Mareshki, stressing that “that the alliance can become a major political force in Europe.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has not joined the alliance so far. While Nigel Farage, of the UK Brexit Party, is another conservative character of the continent who has not yet allied with the group.

“If they come together, we can become the first power in Europe and we can work together to protect Europe,” Mareshki said.

Meanwhile, the Italian party will try to convince Europe that Russia’s isolation is futile, Italian Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and League member Gian Marco Centinaio told Sputnik.

“I think we now need to think about the fact that Russia is an important partner and should not be isolated. We will try to convince the rest, so that everyone agrees with us in the end,” Centinaio said during an important rally organized by the leader of the League and Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini in Milan.

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