Maduro calls on Venezuelans to be ready to FIGHT against Washington

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Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro called on Venezuelans to be ready for a battle against the US after they threatened to sanction the Local Committees for Supply and Production (CLAP).

“I reiterate my call to be ready and prepared for the battle for the defense of the CLAP. This is a war by the US Empire against the social, economic and political happiness of our people, and we will defeat them with unity, study and work, and the love of the Homeland,” the Venezuelan president wrote in his Twitter account.

Previously, the US government threatened to impose sanctions against CLAP’s food program.

CLAP is a Venezuelan government program designed to address the lack of food and distribute basic food basket products in communities at low cost.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan Defense Minister commented on his country’s recent tensions with the US and compared the current situation with a war for independence.

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Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López said that his country is once again facing a battle for its freedom and that two models are in dispute, one promoted by the United States and the other being the Bolivarian Revolution.

Padrino López asked that the military forces of his country be prepared to defend the peace and the sovereignty of Venezuela.

Venezuela has dealt with a serious political crisis, with opposition leader Juan Guaidó having proclaimed himself interim president of the country on January 23.

The US and several countries in Europe and Latin America, including Brazil, have recognized Guaidó as interim president of the country.

Russia, China, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Turkey, Mexico, Iran and many other countries expressed their support for Maduro as legitimate president and demanded that other countries respect the principle of non-interference in Venezuelan internal affairs.

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