Maduro orders MILITARY PURGE of TRAITORS, prepares for WAR with U.S

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CARACAS – The Venezuelan president also ordered the military to search their ranks for “traitors” under US command.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged the military to prepare to repel a possible US invasion. The information was disclosed by Twitter.

“I have ordered that all military units be vigilant and ready to protect peace, to make any attempt of the American empire against our homeland impossible. Peace will be our victory!” Maduro wrote.

US officials continue to say that “all options” are possible in relation to Venezuela – a phrase repeatedly uttered by White House national security adviser John Bolton.

The tweet reaffirms a similar order given by Maduro during a military demonstration called “March of Loyalty” in the northern state of Carabobo, according to El Nacional.

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Speaking before the military on Tuesday, the president ordered the military to capture traitors within their ranks.
“If a traitor appears, capture him immediately. That’s an order: capture him immediately!” Maduro said.

He also ordered the military to “activate” the “weapons systems in order to make any adventure [against Venezuela] impossible for imperialism,” reports El Nacional.

On Tuesday, the director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin, said that the opposition in Venezuela will try again to overthrow the elected government. For Naryshkin it is important that Caracas consolidates its position with the Venezuelan people and negotiates with the opposition, even if Washington makes domestic dialogue difficult.

“The crisis will obviously continue. The failed US-backed coup is obviously not the last. It is important that the legitimate government consistently consolidates the population of the country and join forces,” Naryshkin told reporters at a meeting of the Council of Heads of Security Agencies and Intelligence Services of the United States of America, of the CIS.

Naryshkin added that although the failures of the government’s economic policies contributed largely to the outbreak of the political crisis in the Latin American country, “foreign forces” stimulated it.

Since January this year the political tension in Venezuela has been on the rise. At the time the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, proclaimed himself the interim president of the country, to which he received external support from the United States and its main allies.

The government of Nicolás Maduro, re-elected in 2018, continues to be considered legitimate by countries like China and Russia.

On April 30, Guaidó attempted again to depose Maduro, however, the attempted coup failed. The Venezuelan government has begun an investigation to find out what has happened.

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