MAJOR: 5th General Strike Declared in Argentina against Macri’s Austerity


BUENOS AIRES – A high impact is expected from the national 24-hour strike called by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), because there is no public transportation available. The national strike in Argentina against the economic policy of President Mauricio Macri began today Wednesday throughout the South American country as preparations were made by the CGT to activate its membership.


People in the main cities of Argentina awoke this Wednesday without public transport, schools, or garbage collection and with closed banks and health services limited by the fifth general strike to rock the country.

In Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Rosario, the image of streets and empty stations on strike permeated media, and there are no domestic or international flights from or to the most important airports in the country, with the exception of the low-cost airline Flybondi, which operates at the aerodrome from El Palomar in the capital and operates in defiance of solidarity and as a scab-employed outfit.

Throughout the 24 hours that the strike will last, the fifth nationally since the assumption of Macri, there will be no legal services, classes, flights, garbage collection, banks, ports, shops and hospitals will only be available for emergency medical needs.

Furthermore services of trains, buses, subway (the underground network of the City of Buenos Aires), nor flights will be available. The Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers (CATT) adheres to the general strike.

A security picket stop with rubber bullets and gas to the protesters 
who are concentrated in the bridge Pueyrredón. |


It is expected that the measure will be strong due to the adhesion of all the union sectors and especially of two key unions: the collectives and the railroad workers.   

To ensure the success of the strike, various pickets of social organizations and left parties blocked the transit of vehicles in some accesses to the Argentine capital.

There will be no mobilizations on the part of the workers’ union, although there will be demonstrations by social organizations and the left, which will be manifested at the entrances to the City and will make an act in the Obelisk to express its rejection of the Government’s policies. 

In addition there will be a series of acts known as “popular pots” in different neighborhoods as a way to repudiate the economic policy of Macri, which in the last year caused a gap between food price and wage increases that reaches 21.8 percent, according to a study of the Economic Project consultancy group.

The call for the strike is predicated upon “the deterioration of the economic situation,” “the loss of purchasing power of wages for inflation,” “for an increase in the minimum wage and mobile life,” “because unemployment grows and the economic activity “,” because the rates of public services are unaffordable for the most vulnerable sectors “, among other claims. 

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