MAJOR: American Authorities Cut-off Power and Water to Venezuelan Embassy – Violating Vienna Convention, International Law

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WASHINGTON – The Venezuelan diplomatic mission in Washington now goes into an entire week without electricity, when U.S sanctioned saboteurs illegally shut-off the utility. Peace activists sympathetic to the Venezuelan government have been demonstrating in support of the embassy of Venezuela in the United States ( US ), based in Washington, and report that the siege to which they have been subjected for almost a month has increased, now with the cutting off of potable water service to the building.

On Wednesday May 8th, a team of the PEPCO utility company cut off the electricity from the diplomatic headquarters, leaving the activists installed inside without power. The power cut is an illegal measure of pressure against Venezuela and activists in favor of the Bolivarian Revolution to leave the embassy. In a recent legal filing, it is accurately claimed that the egregious action undertaken by PEPCO is a clear violation of Article 25 of the Vienna Convention which reads “The receiving State shall grant all facilities for the performance of the functions of the mission.”

Therefore, the interruption of the electric service affects the operation of the diplomatic headquarters in clear violation of the international diplomatic treaty. The Venezuelan embassy has already established their being current on all utility costs and payments to the company.

The actions against the diplomatic center have been denounced by the Venezuelan Government.


Without light and now without water

“Now the US government has cut off the water in the Venezuelan Embassy to get us out, there is no electricity, no water, little food,” said Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the feminist and pacifist organization Code Pink, in her twitter account.

“This is how Big Brother tries to crush other countries too. We remain firm, ” she added. While Code Pink has errored in the past on the side of U.S imperialism, they have been good on Venezuela as the Bolivarian Republic has more successfully branded as a ‘left-wing’ government in the eyes of U.S activists of the radical left. This discrepancy to some extent represents branding shortcomings of former non-aligned countries, particularly in the middle-east.

Around 15 activists have remained inside the compound since mid-April last to prevent Carlos Vecchio, the “representative” of the opposition deputy Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself interim Venezuelan president, from seizing the embassy.


Representative of Guaidó –  Vecchio – ordered a power outage himself

Benjamin denounced Vecchio as it was he who demanded that the US authorities cut off the electrical power of the diplomatic legation.

After breaking diplomatic relations with the United States, President Nicolás Maduro, last January, asked all Venezuelan diplomatic staff to return to their country, to which followers of Guaidó made public their intention to occupy the legation.

Code Pink says that they are inside the embassy, ​​with the permission of Venezuelan diplomats, “to protect it from the seizure of control by the opposition (Venezuelan) forces, as part of the coup d’état orchestrated by the United States.”

He stressed that as of May 1, “a mob” of supporters of Guaidó keeps a siege on the outskirts of the site, blocking access to food and other items for activists.


President Maduro greets activists

President Maduro made public recognition last Friday to the defense group of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, which have faced the aggression of a “sick right” and imperialist interventionism.

“I send a greeting of solidarity, full of deep admiration and gratitude to the Collective of Protection of our Embassy in Washington, who have bravely faced the aggression of a sick right and a criminal empire,” said the governor in a message posted on his account. Twitter

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