MAJOR: Inside How the Coup was Foiled – Venezuela’s Army Chief Padrino TRICKED Trump & Abrams

By Vladimir Dobrynin


Editors note – Head of Venezuela’s armed forces, Padrino, entirely conned Abrams, and the April 30th event was supposed to be major with Padrino backing it. This explanation below uses all the facts, including official statements, and puts them all together. It also is based on highly reputable Spanish sources. Moreover this conforms to how CSS already understands regime-change operations to have been foiled in various places, and significantly as we have written before, in 2002 in Venezuela itself. That is why it is necessary for the military intelligence to work on coup operations, so that they can reverse them. This story explains several others factors, such as the sporadic and pre-planned violence we saw on April 30th, such as a few armored cars fighting each other, as well as a likely fake situation where protesters were run over. In that scenario, its likely that the coup-involved personnel themselves ran over their own opposition protesters. We’ve seen it many times before, with the use of snipers, so why not with an armored car? FRN earlier today ran two stories which this amazing story below refer to, one that Trump talked to Putin after the failed coup attempt where Putin got to be extra firm, and second that Trump expressed distrust in US intelligence on Venezuela. This explains, of course, why. – J. Flores

  • May 5, 2019 @ 01:09

By Vladimir Dobrynin – While Juan Guaido and Nicolas Maduro played cat and mouse on Wednesday in the streets of Caracas with protests caused by the first of the two politicians named, the Trump administration tried to find out why the impostor was abandoned by the country on Tuesday, April 30th, and gave up on the coup operation.

According to confidential information obtained by the Spanish edition of ABC, the regime change plan arose from an agreement between US National Security Advisor John Bolton and Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino , which was concluded during several telephone conversations held in recent months. Padrino, and along with him, some other ministers and generals had to sign onto the agreement with the U.S president-appointed President Juan Guaido of the plan drawn up by opponents of Nicolas Maduro.

These documents contained a “road map”, according to which a coup would end with the election of the head of Venezuela “30 days after the Chavista regime surrendered and recognized Guaido as the person legally acting as head of the Republic.”

In parallel, the Supreme Court of Venezuela represented by its chairman, Michel Moreno , was to declare illegal the Constituent Assembly (National Constitutional Assembly), the branch of the legislative power created and controlled by Nicolas Maduro. And “with the observance of the necessary legal procedures and formalities to the head of the National Guard, General Ivan Rafael Hernandez Dala was charged with the duty to inform Maduro that he had only two options in the current situation: either he would leave the country, fleeing to Cuba, or be arrested at the request of the court. After that, a “top secret document from the depths of American intelligence” was supposed to appear on the scene, that in Venezuela there are between 20 and 25 thousand armed Cuban mercenaries supporting Maduro and keeping the whole Bolivarian Republic in fear ” (the armed forces of which have 235 thousand active military and 200 thousand more – reservists – author’s note.) Thus, by joint efforts of the USA and the Venezuelan military “the country would have been spared by the U.S appointed president of the dictator Maduro and from his support by battalions of soldiers of fortune from Cuba” .

But something went wrong. Maduro did not flee to Cuba, Padrino suddenly changed his mind about becoming the “godfather of the Venezuelan revolution” (by the way, Padrino translated from Spanish means “godfather”), and the vast majority of Venezuelan generals did not get in touch at the time appointed by the Americans. (There is an interesting moment during Guaido’s call to arms, with the 14 soldiers behind him, when a cell-phone goes off and distracts him –  maybe that was the call, ‘it’s not happening’ – J. Flores)

Elliott Abrams, the special envoy of the US administration for Venezuela, complained that “he could not get through to anyone to give the right signal, as if by agreement, they turned off their mobile phones.”

ABC is a serious newspaper, not “jaundice” of any kind, operating with “phrases taken out of context and misinterpreted”. David Alandet , Lyudmila Vinogradoff and Imaru Rojas , three reporters of the publication, sharing information “received directly from a person at the US National Security Council”, never could be considered fans of Maduro (as is, incidentally, the leadership of Cuba and the Russian Federation), so to assert that their publication is fiction or fake, is baseless on those grounds.

“Agreements between representatives of the Washington administration and Venezuelan generals in the presence of Juan Guaido were to be signed on Tuesday (May 1) at the location of the La Carlota military base near Caracas. Together with the self-styled president, another opposition leader, Leopoldo Lopez , was supposed to put his signature on the document. But strangely, instead of La Carlota, Lopez entered the Spanish embassy in the Venezuelan capital and asked for political asylum there. (FRN previously, and in error, reported that he arrived at the Chilean embassy – now we are clear that Chilean consular vehicles escorted him to the Spanish embassy – J. Flores)

“High-ranking sources” indicate a complete lack of information about what exactly went wrong with the American scenario. They know only the final result: Nicolas Maduro did not leave the presidential palace Miraflores on Tuesday. Some other unnamed experts say that “Vladimir Padrino is to blame for everything, at the last moment he made a total reversal”.

Elliott, according to the authors, “expressed particular disappointment with the position of Vladimir Padrino, a key figure of both the Chavistas and the intended revolution, designed to overthrow it.”

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“They talked a lot, but they way it all came down, it was for nothing,” the special representative of the White House for Venezuela stated with frustration. But it was all a con-job by the Venezuelan military intelligence against the U.S coup plan. Acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan even surprised many and canceled his visit to Europe – according to the Pentagon spokesman, he wanted to “personally coordinate the actions of the National Security Council and the Department of Homeland Security, taking into account what is happening in Venezuela and on the border of the States with Mexico. ” It is possible that champagne, in order to “raise the glasses and toast them all at once,” was also purchased and were kept in the refrigerator for the celebration.

But the hour did not come. Not as expected. Nicolas Maduro, who, according to the calculations of American strategists, was to be already hiding somewhere in the suburbs of Havana, suddenly appeared on May Day in the evening on the Republic’s television screens and said that “for betraying the interests of the state, aiding the self-proclaiming Guaido and American imperialism, SEBIN’s Venezuelan intelligence officer Manuel Christopher Figuera is removed from his post and arrested. ”

On Wednesday morning, a video clip went viral in social networks in which a group of Vladimir Padrino’s relatives, including his mother, appealed to the Minister of Defense with an appeal “to break with Maduro and make a courageous step towards the people.”

But Padrino did not heed the requests of relatives.

Guaido managed to raise his followers (in accordance with the plan) and organize crowds of protesters in as many as 14 areas in Caracas. The impostor arrived at one of them himself and delivered an inspired speech, from time to time choking on saliva and stating that “there is no way back, call everyone you know, we will win, the usurper will be removed from power, he has already lost”.

Maduro’s supporters had a different opinion on this matter, but it still didn’t come to a collision with the opposition: National Guard units intervened, initially separating the opposing sides, and then surrounding the military rebels (they counted about 300) at La Carlota.

John Bolton and Mike Pompeo called Padrino a traitor (to American interests, of course) and “a key figure guilty of Maduro remaining in power.” The Venezuelan defense minister was promised to “block the oxygen” by arresting all the assets and real estate he had in Canada and the United States if he did not give the order to the officers to take the army to the streets.

“They want to drown Venezuela in blood,” said Padrino, addressing the country’s population in a video broadcast on the Internet. – That is why I ordered all the military to remain in the barracks. And deal with the unrest with the National Guard”.

US President Donald Trump didn’t understand why the remarkably elaborated Elliott Abrams Plan for Venezuela didn’t work, it would seem, and on Friday called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, and the Russian President reminded the American during the hour and a half that “interference from outside to internal affairs, attempts by forceful change of power in Caracas that undermine the prospects for a political settlement of the crisis would not be acceptable. ” Did Trump get it? We’ll find out later.

Vladimir Dobrynin, Madrid – translated by and for FRN – 


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