MAJOR: Putin begins next phase of fight with Russian Oligarchy – Federal Anti-monopoly Service and FSB go into action


MOSCOW – May 8, 2019 @ 18:57 – Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) to increase control and report to the President and Prime Minister on public procurement of machinery and equipment in the implementation of national projects.

The head of state noted that one of the systemic tasks of national projects is the formation of demand for domestic industrial and high-tech products. The president called for “giving our enterprises, large, medium and small a unique opportunity to gain a foothold in the domestic market,” and in the future the manufacturer will be able to export it.

“In order for this opportunity to work, you need to act, of course, in a competitive environment. However, in practice – and various regulatory agencies fix it – artificial barriers appear, ” Putin noted .

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation for the first time assessed direct violations of legislation in the field of public procurement. According to the report of the department, we are talking about the amount of 153 billion rubles in 2018.

This measures come at the same time as the FSB has been instructed by Russian President Vladimir Putin to begin a massive crackdown on corruption at the highest levels.

Meanwhile, a “questionnaire” appeared on the official website of the Federal Security Service of Russia, with the help of which the representatives of the security structure decided to clarify the attitude of citizens towards toughening measures against corrupt officials.

The special questionnaire consists of 12 questions that anyone can answer, leaving only brief information about themselves (gender, age, education, etc.)

It is held by experts in the country that the FSB is in the process of ramping up a serious anti-corruption drive. These moves will require public support, as much of the media in Russia is under the control of the liberal and opportunist 5th column.  This 5th column, with strong inroads in several of Russia’s pillars of power, actively seek rapprochement with the west even at the cost of Russian sovereignty.

At the very beginning, FSB analysts are interested in whether citizens approve “state policy to toughen measures against corrupt officials, including high-profile arrests,” and believe, “that the measures taken reduce corruption.”

The security service is also interested in what measures are most effective in the fight against corruption and require further development, as well as how high the level of corruption is.

Also, the FSB is interested in how much Russians trust the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee, the Federal Service for the Execution of Punishments, the Federal Bailiffs Service, the Federal Customs Service and the judiciary and the FSB itself.

Information about the survey is already beginning to diverge on social networks. Users write that they do not mind if Russian corrupt officials, for example, take property in favor of the state (there is such an answer in the questionnaire).

At the beginning of 2018, specialists from St. Petersburg State University summed up the results of the survey (conducted in the fall of 2017) on the topic “The problem of corruption in the mass consciousness of Russians”. Then, residents of the northern capital considered that they could cope with the fight against corruption – the media (26% of respondents had confidence in journalists), the prosecutor’s office (24.2%) and the FSB (24%).

Among the most effective measures to reduce corruption were the improvement of laws, journalistic investigations and the increase in the number of inspections by law enforcement agencies.

Almost half of St. Petersburgers at the time considered the fight against corruption one of the most important tasks for the development of the state.

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