MAJOR: Putin WARNS Trump in phone call ‘Hands off Venezuela’

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MOSCOW – May 4, 2019 – Putin has just spoken with Trump by telephone, according to a major statement released by the Kremlin. In this conversation, Putin laid out a clear red-line and warned Trump that any U.S moves will be thwarted.

Attempts to overthrow Venezuela’s legitimate government undermine prospects for a political solution to the crisis in the Caribbean nation, and are therefore entirely unacceptable, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday by telephone with his American counterpart Donald Trump.

According to a statement released by the Kremlin, “during the exchange of views on the situation around Venezuela, the Russian president stressed that only the Venezuelan people can decide the future of their country.”

“Foreign interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela, tries to achieve by force a change of government in Caracas which undermines the prospects of a political solution to the crisis,” declared the Russian president.

Trump defends the right-wing opposition, despite the fact they directly threaten to kill journalists.

In addition, Putin reported trumpeting results of his recent summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the Russian city of Vladivostok, and stressed that “Pyongyang’s good faith compliance with commitments should be accompanied by a relief of sanctions against North Korea.”

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Both sides “emphasized the importance of promoting the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and achieving a lasting normalization” of the situation.

During the conversation, Putin also mentioned the situation in Ukraine in the context of the recent presidential elections, where Volodymyr Zelensky prevailed, and the Russian president “stressed that the new administration in Kiev must take real steps to comply with the agreements of Minsk, an important key in resolving the internal conflict” in Donbass, which has had about 13,000 deaths, five years after the onset of the crisis.

Regarding the bilateral agenda, the two leaders “analyzed the situation and prospects of relations with an emphasis on economic cooperation.”

“The Presidents spoke on the development of business contacts and mutually beneficial investments” and “confirmed willingness to promote dialogue in various fields, including the issue of strategic stability,” said the statement by the Russian Presidency.

Putin and Trump “expressed their satisfaction with the conversation held that it had a constructive and substantial character” and “agreed to continue the contacts at different levels,” the note added.

The conversation was conducted on the initiative of Washington, a few days after a failed coup attempt in Caracas on April 30.

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