MAJOR: Renowned Polish academic and political prisoner, Dr. Piskorski, released on bail after 3 years imprisonment


WARSAW – May 16, 2019 – Today May 16th renowned Polish academic Dr. Mateusz Piskorski, will finally be released on bail after a long 2 years and 363 days of “temporarily prolonged detention” in a Warsaw prison. He is recorded as modern Poland’s first political prisoner.

There are some restrictive terms to his release, however. Dr. Piskorski’s passport has been revoked, and he will have to report to the police 3 times a week, and he will be presented a list of individuals whom he is “temporarily” forbidden from contacting. However, this is a tremendous improvement over the situation when he was held nearly  incommunicado and deprived of critical communications which effectively disallowed him of essential evidence necessary for his defence, incarcerated in a Kafkaesque manner in conditions characterized as deplorable and inhumane.

Commenting on these events, Director of the Eurasianist Internet Archive and former Special Projects Director of the Center for Syncretic Studies and former leading Editor at FRN, Mr. Jafe Arnold, explicates:

“Today is an historic, hopeful day. Dr. Piskorski will walk free. The malicious slander, Russophobic hysteria, and coordinated campaign against Dr. Piskorski have failed. Three years later, despite the efforts of the Polish prosecution system and the “collaboration” of the American FBI, CIA and Ukrainian SBU, no evidence has been produced that Dr. Piskorski “collaborated with the domestic and foreign intelligence services of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China.” The prosecution is still struggling with finding legal precedent for prosecuting based on “influencing public opinion”, “founding a political party”, “mobilizing social groups”, “information war”, and “damaging Polish-Ukrainian relations.” The case files are still kept classified from Dr. Piskorski himself and the public. We can guess why.”

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Mr. Arnold continues:

“As the first and only journalist to cover Dr. Piskorski’s case in the English language from 2016-2018, as the one who translated Dr. Piskorski’s prison letters and many of his articles – including the public warning that anticipated his arrest by two days – and as the first to break the story and publish the documents of the UN Human Rights Council’s call for Piskorski’s release more than one year ago, there are many, many things which I could say. For now, I will leave it at the following:

We have not forgiven. We have not forgotten. This victory is a prelude to greater ones to come. Today Piskorski, tomorrow Europe.”

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