MAJOR: Russia forms Coalition of Nations to BLOCK U.S intervention in Venezuela

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MOSCOW – Russia is creating a group of countries at the United Nations to contain US plans for possible intervention in Venezuela, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday.

“We are mobilizing a group of countries that, like us, respect the UN Charter, to neutralize these plans,” he said when asked by the press about the Russian reaction to a possible US invasion of Venezuela.

According to Lavrov, Moscow hopes that this group will be able to attract considerable support from other members, since the aim of this mobilization is extremely simple: “to uphold the norms and fundamental principles of international law set out in the UN Charter.”

Russia and the US have agreed to continue dialogue on the crisis in Venezuela, but the positions of the countries are irreconcilable, Lavrov said on Thursday.

The Russian minister said he had spoken by telephone with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the situation in the South American country.

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“We agree to continue the contacts, including with regard to Venezuela, but I do not see how we can reconcile the positions. On the one hand we have ours, based on the UN statute, on international law. USA, who appoint from Washington a person in charge of the position of president of a third country, “the Russian minister told reporters in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.
“The positions are irreconcilable, but we are ready for dialogue,” added the minister.

However, in commenting on the telephone conversation with Pompeo, held on Wednesday, Lavrov was ironic. “I understand it this way: Mike Pompeo called only to say publicly after he phoned me and asked not to interfere [in the Venezuelan crisis].”

“Well, he did it,” concluded the head of Russian diplomacy.

On Tuesday, the opposition leader Juan Guaidó summoned the Venezuelan population to a great act in the streets of Caracas, in order to take the power off the hands of President Nicolás Maduro. In his call, Guaidó stated that he would be backed by the support of an important part of the Armed Forces, which proved to be untrue. Such actions have raised tensions in the South American country, leading to harsh clashes that have so far left at least four dead, 230 wounded and 205 detained, according to a local human rights office.

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