MAJOR: Russia repels terrorist attack on Syrian air force base


SYRIA – On Sunday night, terrorists from the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front attempted to attack the Russian Himeymim air base in Syria with multiple rocket launchers, the Defense Ministry of Russia said.

Base anti-aircraft defense forces managed to repel the terrorists’ attack by destroying two drones a fairly long distance from the base, a ministry statement said.

“Simultaneously, from the north and north-east, Russian anti-aircraft systems have detected two unmanned aerial vehicles of the terrorists approaching Hmeymim. The anti-aircraft defense forces of the Russian air base have succeeded in destroying all UAVs at a fairly long distance from the base,” read a ministry statement.

According to the ministry, the attack did not cause any material damage and left no one injured.

In addition, the ministry reported that since the Idlib de-escalation zone the terrorists have launched six rockets, but Russian anti-aircraft defense has been able to eliminate all rockets.

Russia and Syria signed a contract to deliver the Hymenim aerodrome to the Russian side in 2015 on a free basis, allowing the Russian military to be placed in the territory. In September of the same year, the aerodrome was to house the aerial group of the Russian Aerospace Force.

Meanwhile, terrorists from the al-Nusra Front are preparing a provocation in the Syrian province of Idlib with the aim of accusing Russian forces of participating in a chemical attack on civilians, the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria said on Friday.

“According to the residents of Serakab, in the area of ​​that city, the terrorists of the Front al-Nusra are preparing a provocation with the use of toxic substances, as well as debris of explosive aviation ammunition sent from other regions of Syria,” the center said in a statement. “The provocation aims to accuse the Russian Aerospace Force of allegedly using ‘chemical weapons’ against civilians in Idlib province.”

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According to the Russian military, militants are planning to film the alleged poisoning of civilians alongside fragments of Russian ammunition and later spread the images across social platforms and Western media.

“The information received by the Reconciliation Center of the residents of the Serakab settlement was verified and confirmed with another independent source,” the statement added.

The Syrian Army continues to obliterate terrorist positions.

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