MAJOR: Russia reveals U.S preparing to use nuclear weapons in Europe

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MOSCOW – May 15, 2019By installing nuclear weapons in Europe, the US is preparing to use them, said Vladimir Ermakov, director of the Department of Non-Proliferation and Control of Arms of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Unfortunately some countries dependent on Washington pretend that nothing is happening or simply fear to think about the provocative situation of the 21st century where the US is preparing the use of nuclear weapons in the territory of Europe with the involvement of non-nuclear countries,” Ermakov explained.

The diplomat also criticized European countries for allowing Washington to expose them to danger.

Last week at the UN headquarters in New York, the two-week meeting of the preparatory committee for the 2020 conference on the revision of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons was completed.

According to Ermakov, during the meeting, the Russian delegation was guided “firstly by the objectives of maintaining and ensuring the sustainable functioning of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and having a balanced approach towards three of its key components: non-proliferation nuclear disarmament and the peaceful use of nuclear energy “.

Earlier, the Pentagon reported that the US needed low-power nuclear weapons to contain Russia.

US nuclear doctrine adopted by President Donald Trump’s government considers Russia, China, Iran and North Korea as potential threats, predicting the development and installation of low-power nuclear charges.

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The Kommersant newspaper recently reported that in October 2018, Moscow submitted to Washington a preliminary document proposing to specify all measures necessary to prevent the intentional or accidental use of nuclear weapons. According to the newspaper, Russia had been waiting for the US response for six months, but it was not successful in that field.

Russian political scientist Vladimir Kireev commented on the situation.

“If Russia shows realism and predictability in its decisions, the United States is in a state of transformation of the political system, and now the responsibility for protecting its interests has suffered significantly. The quality of political elites has declined, there is a lack of strategic vision In fact, the only prospective politician in present-day America is Donald Trump, who is isolated,” he said.

As for the rest of the American politicians and authorities, Kireev believes that they are not able to “assess the situation in the world, see the future of the country itself.”

In his opinion, all this can lead to catastrophic consequences.

“American politicians are not able to take responsibility for evaluating threats from nuclear weapons, they are not able to make unpopular statements about the need to restrict the use of nuclear weapons, to reach an agreement with Russia or China to interdict the use of these weapons,” he said.

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