MAJOR: U.S-Turkey trade war intensifies – Trump ends preferential trade over S-400 row

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WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump decided to end on May 17, the preferential trade regime with Turkey. On this, as reported by Reuters, said the White House.

They noted that the decision was made “based on the economic development of Turkey.” Trump has already notified the US Congress and Ankara.

“Considering the level of economic development in Turkey, I decided that it would be expedient to cancel the designation of Turkey as a developing country as a beneficiary from May 17,” his press service quoted Trump.

The head of the Defense Industry Directorate at the Ministry of Defense of Turkey, Ismail Demir, said that the contract for the supply of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) S-400 to Turkey remains in force, the timing of its implementation has not changed.

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Earlier, the US State Department had repeatedly warned Turkey about the possible consequences of the purchase of the S-400 air defense system. The US Congress launched an initiative to ban Turkey from acquiring F-35 fighter jets. The United States and its European NATO allies fear that the S-400 radars can detect and track F-35s, which will make them less covert for Russian systems in the future.

For a long time, the US has been persuading Turkey to abandon the purchase of Russian S-400s, while not losing sight of the chance to intimidate a NATO ally with the possible introduction of sanctions against it. If Ankara acquires the S-400, then Washington can go to the establishment of restrictive measures against Turkey. This was March 5, said the representative of the US State Department, Robert Palladino.

Russia and Turkey signed a contract to supply Ankara with the S-400 Triumph SAM system in 2017. Turkey acquires four S-400 divisions, the contract amount is $ 2.5 billion.

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