MAJOR: VIDEO – USS Abraham Lincoln Deployed to Iran – U.S Doubles-down on Aggressive Footing


WASHINGTON – The Trump regime has sent the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier strike group to the shores of Iran, saying that in the event of Iran’s encroachment on US interests, force will be used.  The presidential national security adviser John Bolton was quoted in a statement published on the White House website on May 5th as saying:

“In response to a series of growing warning signs and warnings, the United States is deploying the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group and a task force of bombers in the US Central Command region to send a clear and unmistakable signal to the Iranian regime that any attack on the interests of the United States or our allies will be greeted with ruthless force, “


It is interestingly noted that Washington is not seeking to fight with Iran, but is only preparing to respond to any attack, even while it forward deploys its military assets to Iran.

On April 22, Washington announced the introduction of a total ban on the import of Iranian oil. Restrictions entered into force on May 1. At the same time, the White House promised to expand the campaign to exert maximum pressure on Iran. The position of the White House causes open resistance from the US allies. In early May, the EU and Turkey called on the US to lift oil sanctions, noting that they threaten the preservation of a nuclear deal with Tehran.

Washington’s pressure on Turkey over Iranian sanctions has all but succeeded, with Turkey slowly bringing their imports from Iran’s energy assets to a zero-point. While officially Turkey has said they are not looking to participate in the blockage on Iran’s energy, especially in light of the energy deal with the EU which Turkey more closely aligns with ‘on paper’, they have in practice done so. These factors may also relate to the break-down of Russia-Turkey talks on Syria, where this morning Syrian and Russian forces attacked assets nominally backed by Turkey at some level.

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