Mexico Rising: AMLO announces New National Guard in Sovereignty and Security gambit

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CDMX – The social-nationalist President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, known also as AMLO, announced on Friday that the new National Guard will begin operations throughout the territory as of June 30th.


The president said that they are currently laying out the training courses for the officials that will be part of the police force. Among the aims of the new National Guard is to reform the entire security apparatus of Mexico, in a direction towards greater sovereignty. The National Guard is thought to counter the Mexican paramilitary ‘Federal Police’, which have long been wrought with corruption and is widely believed to be largely under the influence of CIA and narco-trafficking outfits in the interests of Washington and Tel Aviv. It is commonly known that members of the Federal Police also ‘moonlight’ as drug cartel enforces themselves.

AMLO rose to power in Mexico after more than a decade of struggle to build a broader movement intersecting the new trend of left-wing and social conservative forces, after what many analysts viewed as his being robbed of a presidential victory in 2006. In that election, AMLO lost to Calderon of the neoliberal PAN party by a mere 0.6% of the national vote, in what has been considered consistent with Mexico’s history of electoral fraud and corruption.

As part of his electoral commitments, AMLO seeks to reform the Mexican institutions of education, healthcare, and importantly the security apparatus, the military and law enforcement. Mexico has a history of political assassinations which are widely seen as being made possible by corruption, infiltration, and betrayals from within the security apparatus itself.

Towards that aim, AMLO is engaged in a two-pronged approach. The first is to liberalize Mexico’s drug laws, ending the war on drugs, and to decriminalize certain categories and specified substances. These are aimed at defanging the black-market, and bringing back under control elements of the armed forces and police that exist in two opposed worlds.

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The second is to launch a new ‘National Guard’ that will be more closely under central government control, as opposed to the essentially misnomered Federal Police, which does the bidding of regional powers far from Mexico City.

In connection with that, AMLO has expressed support in principle for some of U.S President Trump’s concerns over the U.S Mexico border, and have agreed on several matters relating to the traversal of Salvadoran and other Central American economic migrants who traverse into Mexico and into the United States, without the permission of either state.

The news that the National Guard would be launched finally on June 30th was communicated after the Mexican Senate approved last Tuesday, with 114 votes in favor, none against and one abstention, the secondary laws of the security organs to begin its functions.

“The national operation of the National Guard begins, formal, although it is already working in some states, on June 30 will be the first trained elements that are in training,” said the president.

In addition, he indicated that training courses are currently being given to the officers that will be part of the police force.

The Mexican government explained that the National Guard will begin its activities with 150 regional coordinations throughout the country, which will become 266 regional bases during the next three years.

The head of state thanked the legislators of the Congress for supporting the approval of this regulation, which represents good news for the benefit of the population in combating insecurity and violence in the nation.

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