NEMTSOV OPTION? Guaidó and López ‘worth more dead than alive’ for CIA and opposition

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CARACAS – After the failed attempt to overthrow the government of Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan opponent Juan Guaidó “is actually now worth more dead than alive, […] to his own opposition people,” said analyst Daniel McAdams. Likewise, commenting on the same scenario, FRN’s Joaquin Flores said the same was the case for Leopoldo López.

Flores made the analogy to the assassination of the generally unpopular, failed Russian opposition persona, Boris Nemtsov who was backed by the U.S state department quite openly. Here it is generally believed by experts that the U.S found it useful that his operations come to a final end, in explaining his murder just meters from the Kremlin.

Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, spoke on the “Liberty Report” program about Guaido’s failed attempts to overthrow the Nicolas Maduro administration with Washington’s help. Paul has been concerned about the possibility that the Latin American country will plunge into a wave of large-scale violence in the event of any provocation.

“The big danger is a hard war breaking out. I’d still bet it won’t be too bad, with thousands of troops moving. But it could be a guerrilla war or something like that. If there is a false flag or some important official on either side gets killed, you can’t tell what might happen,” said Ron Paul.

The expert pointed out that Guaidó himself, with his history of not being able to mobilize the protest against the government of Maduro, could be the target of this type of provocation.

McAdams explained that the opposition leader “has been a kind of a hapless figure so far” in the sense and that “he calls for mass protests and no one shows ups.”

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“I don’t think he realizes right now that he is actually now worth more dead than alive not only to the CIA, but also to his own opposition people,” the director warned.

For its part, FRN’s own Joaquin Flores pointed out similarly a day before, in his article “Venezuela Black Magic – The Failed Military Coup of Fourteen Tells You Everything”  that Leopoldo López was worth more dead than alive for the CIA operations, pointing out that he would make an ideal ‘martyr’. Commenting on the pseudo-coup in that piece, Flores explained that;

“Nevertheless, Lopez is openly trolling the government, to seize and arrest him, to create a situation, a real scenario. Of course he is incredibly brave, or incredibly stupid for, as we have seen with the murder of the Russian opposition ‘figurine’, Boris Nemtsov, once their utility is expended, they are worth more dead as martyrs than alive as possible successors to power.” Venezuela is not  the dictatorship its ardent opponents claim it is, and their very real freedom to profess this untruth can ironically be used to convincingly create the simulacrum that it is indeed the case.

On April 30, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself interim president of the country, launched the so-called Operation Freedom to remove Nicolás Maduro from power. In a video posted on Twitter, Guaidó appears alongside the military and opposition leader Leopoldo López, who was imprisoned since 2014 and was released by the rebels at the La Carlota airbase in Caracas. Guaidó calls for a “nonviolent fight”, says the military on his side and says that “the time is now.”

Maduro, meanwhile, said that top military commanders maintain loyalty to his government and called for “maximum popular mobilization to ensure the victory of peace.”

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