NO ONE, including Trump, can contain the rise of China

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US President Donald Trump has said that China will not be a “superpower” with him in power. Will the American leader be able to contain the development of the Asian giant and what will happen when he is no longer president of the United States? In this connection, the Chinese expert believes that no one is capable of accomplishing this task.

Earlier, Trump said in an interview with Fox News that he was very pleased with the trade dispute between Washington and Beijing and that although China wants to be the world’s biggest superpower, it will not happen under his presidency.

He has signed a decree introducing a state of emergency to protect the US information and communication infrastructure from foreign threats. In turn, the US Department of Commerce placed Huawei on the black list of activities contrary to national security. US manufacturers selling equipment to Huawei will now need special license from the US authorities.

Then some of Huawei’s biggest suppliers, including Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom, have announced that they are stopping the supply of critical software and components to the Chinese company. In addition, Google has also said it suspends business contacts with Huawei.

Professor at the Institute of International Relations at the Chinese University of Mass Communications, Yang Mian, indicated that with all these actions, Trump is apparently trying to eliminate a strong competitor of American technology companies. However, this could hurt the US partners of Huawei, which bought $11 billion worth of components last year.

Thus, Trump may fail to fulfill the promises of the election campaign, that is, to “make America great again”. After all, a trade war can turn into an economic shock for all market participants.

“Trump has triggered the so-called trade war to achieve a trade balance,” he said.

“We have said several times that there could be no winners in a trade war, and if the US economy is affected by serious shocks as a result of the trade war, the confrontation between China and the US in the commercial area will end.”

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Commenting on Donald Trump’s recent statements to Fox News, in which he said China will not be a superpower, he said Trump could only run the country for eight years.

“But no one will be able to contain China’s rise. Whatever the tricks of the United States, whatever measures they take, they will not be able to contain the rise of China and the flourishing of the Chinese nation, although some obstacles to progress can be created. However, the task of curbing China’s development is unrealizable.”

Trump’s capabilities are limited, not only in containing the development of China in general, but also in relation to a particular Chinese company. Besides the fact that the American market is suffering losses – since the actions of almost all the suppliers of Huawei have become cheaper, but ordinary citizens also suffer with the impact. For example, in sparsely populated US states the entire telecommunications infrastructure uses equipment from this Chinese company. Thus, if component deliveries fall dramatically, the company will not be able to provide assistance to these networks and the residents of those states will be out of communication.

To avoid such an impact, the US Department of Commerce is ready to grant a 90-day license to companies that already use Huawei components. According to the US authorities, this measure should help US telecoms companies gradually switch to equipment from other manufacturers.

However, in the Chinese professor’s view, such measures do not threaten Huawei’s steady work. The company has several warehouses with everything needed in American territory and is able to provide its services for another year.

The only thing that can be affected by US measures is the company’s sales in the international market. It is true that it will be difficult for foreign users to stop using Google services and switch to Chinese analogues. But on the other hand, Huawei can benefit from this. If their technological developments become better than others, they can gain positions in the world market. But even if that does not happen, the capabilities of the Chinese domestic market will make the company survive.

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