North Korea reveals previously unknown self-propelled artillery


DPRK – Images taken from the Korean People ‘s Army parade today [the 70th anniversary of North Korea] reveal a new type of self-propelled cannon that has not appeared in public and what appears to be a new kind of (launcher) anti-tank rocket. North Korea has demonstrated its newest piece of self-propelled artillery in action at the test site, reports Russkoe Oruzhie. As the portal indicates , this is the first appearance of this piece since September 2018, when it was presented in Pyongyang in the parade in honor of the 70th anniversary of North Korea.


The self-propelled part has a 152 mm long barrel with a range of about 40 km when rocket-assisted ammunition is used. It has an improved fire control system with a complex of special sensors and satellite navigation system.



The engine is located in front of the vehicle and the chassis has six crawler rollers on each side. At the parade, the self-propelled vehicle was equipped with an anti-aircraft missile system, while on the ground these weapons were dismantled from the vehicles. Only the automatic 30mm self-defense grenade launchers remained.

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