OUTDOING the U.S: Russia to modernize POWERFUL Ka-52M Alligator helicopters by 2022


MOSCOW – Russia’s Defense Ministry plans to sign a contract for the purchase of 114 modernized Ka-52M Alligator attack helicopters to be developed by 2022, Deputy Defense Minister Aleksei Krivoruchko said.

“We hope to sign a new contract to supply 114 Ka-52M modernized helicopters next year,” said the deputy minister.

He explained that the improved version of the Alligator helicopter will be developed by 2022 and during its creation the military operation and experience in Syria should be taken into account.

The director general of Vertolyoty Rossii (Russian Helicopters) holding Andrei Boginsky explained that the modernized Alligator will be equipped with new energy supply and target detection systems as well as increased helicopter protection.

“Work is being done to further increase the range of target detection and identification and, respectively, to increase the possibilities of using both ground and air weaponry,” Boginsky said.

Alligator reconnaissance and attack helicopters have been produced in series for the Russian Ministry of Defense since 2010. They are capable of attacking the enemy’s armor, tanks and infantry and have confirmed its effectiveness during the Russian military operation in Syria.

Meanwhile, the former commander of a Turkish Air Force base and the Turkish Aviation Agency, retired lieutenant-general Erdogan Karakus, commented in Sputnik’s interview the recent statement by Morgan Ortagus that Ankara could face “very negative” if you purchase the Russian S-400 air defense systems.

US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus warned Ankara of the “very negative” consequences of the purchase of Russian S-400 systems, including Turkey’s exclusion from the F-35 program. The US claims that S-400 are incompatible with NATO standards and can help Russia obtain information on the newest US fighters.

However, Erdogan Karakus explained that the US position on the S-400 issue has no legal basis and no information on US F-35 fighters can be obtained through the S-400.

“All this is just a pretext. The main objective of the Americans is to refuse the supply of F-35 to Turkey, in which case it is necessary to pay attention not only to the US position, but also to the position of Israel and interested in receiving multi-billion dollar contracts for the supply of parts of the F-35 program that Turkey should provide,” the general explained.

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