REVEALED: Maduro says government has been secretly talking with opposition for months


CARACAS – The Venezuelan president said a further round of talks with the opposition was completed in the Norwegian capital on Wednesday, noting however that secret negotiations have been carried out for months, media reports quoted Nicolás Maduro as saying.

“On May 29, the second day of dialogue with the opposition was concluded in Norway. The Minister [of Communication and Information] Jorge Rodríguez, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, and the governor [of Miranda State], Hector Rodríguez, were present there,” according to the press office of Nicolás Maduro, whose words were quoted by the newspaper El Nuevo Herald.

“I have nominated a delegation, and we have been negotiating secretly for two or three months, and now we are sitting [at the negotiating table] in Norway, I want a peace agreement for Venezuela, I ask for support from the country, Chavismo and the homeland… Our way is a dialogue, respect for the Constitution, peace, democracy, development and problem solving,” said Maduro.

The press office of Juan Guaidó, in turn, said that “the meeting ended without agreements. We are grateful to the Norwegian government for its willingness to help resolve the chaos that plagues the country. We are ready to continue [working] with them,” he added.

The statement comes after Oslo announced that it hosted another round of talks between the Venezuelan government and the opposition.

The Norwegian government said that “parties have been keen to advance in the search for an agreed and constitutional solution for the country, which includes political, economic and electoral issues.”

Venezuela has been suffering a serious political crisis since the end of January, when opposition leader Juan Guaidó had illegally declared himself interim president in an attempt to oust Maduro from power. Washington and its puppets, such as Brasilia, supported Guaido and demanded the dismissal of Maduro. China, Bolivia, Russia, Turkey and many other countries expressed support for Maduro as the sole legitimate president of Venezuela.

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