Russia BLOCKS misleading Atlanticist resolution at UN Security Council on Syria


UNITED NATIONS – Russia has successfully blocked an attempt by Atlanticist-controlled powers to confuse the situation in Idlib Syria. The resolution on the situation in Syrian Idlib, prepared by Belgium, Germany and Kuwait, distorts the real situation in this region, Vladimir Safronkov, Russian Deputy Representative to the UN, told RIA Novosti .

That is why he explained Moscow’s decision to block this statement of the UN Security Council. He added that the discussion of the situation in Syria is being conducted with the United States – through professional, military, and political channels. TASS quoted Safronkova:


“We did not miss, and blocked the press elements prepared by our humanitarian troika (in charge of relevant issues in the UN Security Council) in Belgium, Germany and Kuwait, the meaning of which was to distort the situation in Idlib,”

According to him, the Russian side explained to its Western colleagues that the Russian-Turkish memorandum, held in Sochi, contains exceptions in the section on combating terrorism. In particular, as Safronkov noted, the measures of deconflicting and de-escalation do not concern the fight against terrorism.

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Recall that in January the Syrian Arab Army launched a large-scale military operation in Idlib, as a result of which the supply lines of terrorists were blocked. A deconfliction agreement was later arrived at, involving Turkey, at Sochi.

These terms allow for military operations against terrorist groups, the groups protected are essentially those which Turkey claims some responsibility for – what has come to be termed the TFSA (Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army).

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