Russiagate Lives! Clinton Controls DNC Candidates for 2020 – Frustrating US-Russia Relations

By Artem Filippov

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton looks at a computer screen during a campaign stop at Atomic Object company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S. March 7, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria/File Photo
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By Artem FilippovMay 7, 2019  – The telephone conversation of Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump that took place last weekend was an excellent illustration of that stormy political sea, among the raging waves of which the administration of the American leader is trying to swim. The presidents did not even have time to hang up the handsets, as the American mainstream press and Democrat Party politicians s literally attacked the U.S president with extraordinary criticism, the main theme of which was: why didn’t Trump tell Putin not to interfere in the upcoming US presidential election?

It is interesting how American politicians generally imagine such a turn of conversation between the leaders of the two superpowers, who, according to press services, productively discussed issues of mutual trade, the problem of controlling nuclear weapons, the crisis in Venezuela, the situation in the DPRK and the results of the Ukrainian presidential elections in an hour and a half. However, it is of little interest to Trump’s critics, who, with stubbornness, worthy of better application, repeat exclusively about “Russian intervention” (Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer) and “undermining American democracy by Moscow” (CNN journalist Samantha Vinograd).

In an interview with CBS News, Dick Durbin, the second most influential Democrat in the US Senate, said that Donald Trump “puffed up his eyes,” talking to Vladimir Putin, and believed everything he heard during their conversation, despite “evidence to the contrary” about the alleged Russian intervention in the 2016 presidential election. What kind of “evidence” did Durbin mean, if the report of special prosecutor Robert Mueller made it clear that Russia had no influence on the election results? Moreover, the result here was one where the Democrats suffered a sensitive defeat.

“This president is completely blinded by Vladimir Putin,” the influential US senator stated.

Democratic representative Mark Pocan like the rest, regarded Trump’s telephone conversation with Putin as “treason”, because of the declared  “witch hunt” against the American president, the results of which have been a prevention of normalizing relations with Russia and China. What is the coordinate system in which Mr. Pocan lives when he makes such statements? It seems that, with rare exceptions, the Democratic Party is literally blinded by hatred of Trump, (Trump derangement syndrome – ed), and is ready to do anything to remove him through the impeachment procedure. At the same time, the Democrats do not want to notice the beam in their own eyes: suppose that there was still Russian interference, but how can you compare a few, and rare, advertising posts in social networks (Facebook – ed) and unproven hacking attacks with the way the Americans behaved when they interfered in Russian elections, for example, in 1996?

CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and other liberal media are talking about reviving the “bromance” between Trump and Putin ”,“ Russia’s unfriendliness ”and even how Moscow deftly set the traps that Trump fell into. The pro-Trumpian media are not far behind them as well, bringing their note of madness into the thick cocktail of American political chaos. So, on the website of the FOX News channel, an “analytical” article appeared, listing “ten reasons why Putin is likely to oppose Trump in 2020.” The author of the article quite seriously asserts that the Kremlin will try to destroy the election campaign of Trump, who is too good in the role of the US president, and in this Moscow will find support from the American liberal press. From the above, it is obvious that the “Russiagate”, even three years after its inception, continues to have a serious impact on the minds of Americans, sometimes making it perplexing to point to the absurdities.

For a long time, there are examples of absurd reactions to the telephone conversation between Putin and Trump on the part of American politicians and the liberal press, and they will all be approximately the same. But the greatest interest seems to be caused by the reaction of ex-Secretary of State and former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton , which many observers were quick to write off.

According to several reports, in the winter and spring, Clinton personally met with almost all the leading candidates for US presidency from the Democratic Party.

Moreover, through the Clinton Foundation, it continues to control the National Committee of the Democratic Party, determining its financial policy and strategy. In 2016, the book was published by the ex-head of the committee Donna Brazile “Hacks: the story of the interference and failures that led Donald Trump to the White House,” which tells how Clinton saved the committee from bankruptcy and at the same time bypassed the American laws governing the rules for raising funds for the election campaign, because campaigns and finances of the democratic party, successfully removing from them their main rival, the nominally social-democratic Bernie Sanders .

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Today, despite her statement in March about not running in the presidential election, Hillary Clinton remains a strong player both on the American political scene and within the Democratic party, although having somewhat faded into the shadows against such bright people as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Elizabeth Warren. Her apparent absence only means you should more closely follow everything that the former state secretary does or says. Speaking in the hall of one of Las Vegas’ (Nevada) casinos Hillary Clinton gave a very mediocre assessment of relations between Trump and Putin in terms of American interests. (The following quote is an approximation from English to Russian and back again – ed, Flores)

“In my opinion, Putin plays Trump on many issues, this is helped by his experience in the KGB, thanks to which Putin appreciated Trump and learned to manipulate him. For example, on the issue of Russian intervention in 2016, nuclear talks with North Korea, and so on, ” Clinton said. ” I do not understand how Putin has power over him. There are many strong players in the international arena who are just waiting for you to move, and right now we are giving way to Putin too much. ”

Clinton did not accidentally come to Nevada: her husband won the presidential race here in 1992 and 1996, and Hillary herself received the majority of local electors in 2016. During the speech, the 71-year-old Clinton also stated that she continues to advise other Democratic candidates on what it is like “when elections are stolen from you”.

“You can conduct a better campaign, you can even become a presidential candidate, but your elections can be stolen,” shared Clinton, who could not accept the fact that her family’s popularity in the eyes of the public, despite its considerable party weight, slowly is declining.

If with respect to Bill Clinton, who for a long time was compared with other presidents after him in a positive way (mainly for success in the economy), #MeeToo played a serious blow to his reputation, against which even Democratic supporters began to treat his long-time adventures in the Oval Office with less permissiveness, then for Mrs. Clinton everything is much more serious also.

Last week, influential Republicans such as the chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee, Lindsay Graham, offered to reopen the investigation of the sensational case of Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Recall that in 2016, the FBI ended the investigation on this issue, finding that Clinton illegally used a private server as secretary of state to send personal letters containing state secrets related to national security. Clinton stated that she “never received or sent any materials marked as secret” from this server. However, investigators found that about 30,000 letters were deleted in a hurry from the server at the beginning of the investigation, intelligence officers were able to recover 5,000 of them and find out that at least 100 contained secret information. Add to this a number of secret documents found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the husband of Clinton’s personal assistant, Huma Abedin, who became the defendant of several sex scandals, and the picture will become even more unsightly. In the USA and for less, a person who is not so powerful and rich would be literally facing public execution by firing squad or the electric chair.

The server scandal, the loss at the finish line of the presidential election – it seems that Hillary Clinton has not been able to come to terms with this until now, her inability to adequately lose in many ways and spawned a story with “Russian interference” that is so disastrous for American politics. Following its shadow leader, the Democratic Party as a whole takes a counterproductive position. Refusing to accept the election results, dedicating their careers and political future to this, Democrats only increase Trump’s chances for re-election in 2020, although it should be recognized that it is extremely difficult for the American leader to focus on the most important national tasks: each time instead of helping his government, the House of Representatives and the US Senate find themselves engaged in internal disassembly around the “Russiagate.”

As a result, the biggest winner from the internal political chaos in the United States looks like Vladimir Putin. Moscow consistently demonstrates a balanced diplomatic position, ignoring insults and false accusations, remaining an important participant in all key international issues: North Korea, Venezuela, the Middle East, OPEC, etc., building relations with China along the way and attracting everyone to its side orderly actors of world politics tired of American hegemony. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the leaders of Russia and the United States, the non-constructive bipartisan policy of the American establishment does not allow us to speak about the beginning of a rapprochement between the two countries, some substantial easing of relations and the end of the new Cold War.


translated by and for FRN

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