Russian Orthodox Church: The problem of the Ukrainian Autocephaly will be solved WITHOUT Constantinople


MOSCOW – The format of inter-Orthodox consultations will be a more effective tool in resolving the issue of the Ukrainian autocephaly than addressing the patriarch of Constantinople, who has resigned from the problems of world Orthodoxy. This was announced today, May 29, by the DECR chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan of Volokolamsk, Hilarion, at the international conference on the Violation of the Rights of Believers in Ukraine held in Moscow.

“We positively appreciate the mediation mission that the Archbishop of Cyprus ( Chrysostomos II ) took upon himself on his own initiative ,” said the metropolitan. – Until recently, in the Orthodox Church, according to a general Orthodox agreement, there existed a coordination center in the person of the Patriarch of Constantinople, but the Patriarch of Constantinople preferred to isolate itself and to withdraw from solving inter-Orthodox problems. We hope that the inter-Orthodox accord, which is now revealed in the position of the local Orthodox churches, will be maintained. ”

According to the head of the DECR, the only way to return the schismatics to the bosom of the canonical church is repentance.

“Firstly, schismatics repent of the sin of schism, and secondly, they receive legitimate canonical ordination. Those persons who were accepted into ecclesiastical communion by the Patriarch of Constantinople and who received the Thomos do not have canonical ordination, among them there are those who are descended from self-saints – those who declared themselves bishops. The way this was accomplished by the Patriarchate of Constantinople does not fit into any canonical logic. That is why neither the Russian Orthodox Church has recognized these acts, nor other local churches, ” explained Metropolitan Hilarion.

On May 15, the “honorary patriarch” of the so-called Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Filaret ( Mikhail Denisenko ) and a representative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, accused each other of lying. Filaret declared the existence of an agreement between him and the former president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko , according to which the official head of the CCU, Epiphanius, will represent the church in foreign relations, and the “honorable patriarch” will be responsible for church life. According to Filaret, only under these conditions he agreed to abandon the struggle for the post of the head of the PTsU. However, the representative of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in a conversation with the BBC spoke negatively about Filaret.

“One lie,” said the source of the British media corporation. – As the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew said , there is no patriarch in Kiev, because there has never been a patriarch in Kiev. Filaret – the former metropolitan of Kiev. “

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