Russian Pacific Fleet arming with DOMINATING Kalibr missiles

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MOSCOW – This year, the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy will receive the first two ships equipped with the Kalibr cruise missiles, as well as a submarine of the 636 project with this type of weapons. This was stated by the commander of the Russian peace fleet, Admiral Sergei Avakiants.

“We hope that this year we receive the first two warships [armed] with the modern resort of cruise missiles Kalibr. The fleet must also include a modern corvette Gremiaschy project, which is already happening factory tests,” said the high command in his interview with Krasnaya Zvezda .

In the words of Avakiants, this last vessel is equipped not only with the Kalibr-NK missiles, but also with the modern Redut air defense complex and advanced antisubmarine systems.

“For the needs of the Navy, it is carrying out the construction of six large submarines of type 636, which, in addition to the armament of torpedoes, will be able to attack marine and terrestrial targets with cruise missiles of the Kalibr-PL family. the first boat of its kind this year,” added Avakiants.

The Kalibr missile system is already in service in the Russian Navy. According to open source data, the maximum range of a 3M-14 cruise missile from this system reaches 2,000 km. For surface vessels, a variant of the Kalibr-NK complex has been developed, for submarines, the Kalibr-PL complex.

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With these missile systems are equipped, in particular, the Russian project frigates 22350 , project corvettes 21631, the nuclear propulsion submarines of project 885 Yasen, submarines of projects 877 and 636.3, as well as other vessels.

Meanwhile, the research and development works of the first Russian-made nuclear aircraft carrier will start in 2023 and are included in the state arms procurement program until 2027.

The Russian media are in all likelihood talking about the multi-purpose aircraft carrier project 23000E, called Shtorm -‘tormenta ‘, in Russian. This project can be considered the possible successor of the only aircraft carrier currently in service of the national Navy, Admiral Kuznetsov.

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