Russian UN official ATTACKED and ARRESTED by ‘Kosovo Special Forces’

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OCCUPIED PRISTINA, Serbia – A Russian UN official was attacked and detained by Kosovo’s special forces in an operation in northern Kosovo, a fact revealed today in a statement by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

According to the president, Mikhail Krasnoschekov, an official of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), was arrested and assaulted by the Special Forces of Kosovo (ROSU) in an operation carried out on Tuesday.

The man was later taken to the Kosovska Mitrovica hospital in northern Kosovo with injuries. His UNMIK colleagues have already visited him at the hospital, the media said.

His doctor revealed to Sputnik that Krasnoschekov received serious head injuries.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has condemned Krasnoschekov’s detention in Kosovo as an outrageous act. In addition, Moscow demands that the UN mission in Kosovo present complete information on the detention of the Russian citizen and make efforts for his release.

Subsequently, UNMIK reported that Krasnoschekov was released.

This morning, the ROSUs started a special operation in the northern regions of Kosovo that are predominantly inhabited by Serbs. According to the preliminary data, about 30 people were arrested by ROSU.

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The Russian ministry described as “provocation” the entry of Kosovo Albanian special forces into Serb municipalities and the holding of arrests.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said that this was “another provocation from Pristina, which seeks to intimidate and frighten the non-Albanian population and establish control over these zones by the use of force.”

The NATO-controlled international forces in Kosovo have stated that they are monitoring the situation but have decided not to interfere because it is not an operation against the Serbs, but against organized crime and corruption not only in the north, but in the entire territory of Kosovo.

Earlier, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic expressed concerns that Pristina could carry out arrests of Serb police in Kosovo under the pretext of fighting corruption.

Kosovo unilaterally proclaimed Serbia’s independence in 2008 and is recognized by more than 100 UN member states. Serbia, as well as Russia, China, Israel, Iran, Spain, Greece and some other countries have not recognized the independence of Kosovo.

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