Russia’s new ‘INVISIBLE WEAPON’ will make debut on Victory Day

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MOSCOW – May 5, 2019 – The Russian radio-electronic fighting system Palantin will be on display for the first time on May 9th, when Victory Day is celebrated in Russia.

The radioelectronic fighting unit, however, will not participate in the main parade in the country, held at the Red Square in Moscow. The team will be present at the Victory festivities in the Russian city of Voronezh, located about 500 kilometers south of the capital.

Currently, there are only two Palantin units in service, one in the Western Military District of the Russian Armed Forces and the other in a training center in Tambov, where electronic warfare specialists are trained.

The Palantin system has been designed to suppress enemy radio communication systems that already exist and future launches, as well as to carry out electronic research operations.

In fact, the Palantin is capable of blinding the enemy with short and ultra-short radio frequency bands, as well as leaving it without communication by mobile phones. One of the peculiarities of the new system is that it can integrate, in turn, a multitude of radioelectronic fight systems in a single network, which substantially increases its effectiveness.

The Palantin and Tirada-2S radioelectronic fight systems will enter the Central Military District of Russia for the first time this year.

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“The re-equipment of the military units in the radioelectronic fight will significantly increase the combat capabilities of the radioelectronic fighting troops and allow them to fulfill larger and more complicated tasks,” said the press release of the Russian Central Military District.

The note indicates that the Chuck-2S system is not only able to block communications from satellites, but also completely disable them from a distance, from Earth.

The consultant of the Russian consortium of radioelectronic technology KRET, Vladimir Mijeev, said last year that military tests are being carried out with electromagnetic weapons. In fact, he warned that in Russia the development of so-called microwave cannons is on the right track.

But what are microwave cannons? They are weapons that use concentrated energy by ultra high frequency electromagnetic radiation to ‘burn’ or temporarily put the enemy’s electronic systems out of play. It is a way to defend against airplanes, cruise missiles and drones.

Because of its characteristics, this type of weapons is closer to the radioelectronic war than anything else, and the energy directed towards the target electromagnetic radiation is deadly not only for the electronic systems it manages to reach. Also for the health of people because it affects your immune system and your nervous system. If used properly, a microwave cannon can also detonate explosives remotely.

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