Symposium on Cultural Optimism, Art and the New Silk Road held in Montreal Canada

Towards a Society of Beauty and Reason


On Sunday April 28, 2019, a symposium was held in Montreal Canada dealing with the unified growth of cultural optimism, beautiful art and economic development as it is being manifested today with the New Silk Road in Asia, Africa and beyond. Presentations were given by a pianist, a dancer, and a painter which will uplift and inspire. The lecturers included Matthew Ehret, (journalist, illustrator and founding editor of the Canadian Patriot Review), Christine Corey (lecturer, researcher and pianist) and Nicholas Jones (professional dancer with la Grande Ballet de Montreal and teacher)

Opening Remarks: Towards a Society of Beauty and Reason

Presentation 1: The Power of Classical Culture in Shaping the Future (A History of African-Chinese Relations based on Cooperation and Beauty) by Christine Corey, pianist

Presentation 2: The New Silk Road and a New Hope for Africa by Matthew Ehret, illustrator, author

Presentation 3: The embrace of dance and optimism in a transformed Kenya by Nicholas Jones, Dancer (La Grande Ballet de Montreal)

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