The charge: Sarkozy had €50 million motive to bomb Gaddafi

Behind the scenes in the destruction of Libya: we have a scorecard


More on the military money mill: Prior news: Sarkozy was arrested March 20, 2018, for allegedly taking $50M from Ghaddafi for the 2007 election. Sarkozy defeated Segolene Royale and became President of France. Sarkozy,  as you know, led the way for the NATO bombing of Libya in 2011.
Two days after Sarkozy’s arrest,  the president of Senegal is revealed to have taken $20M in French money to betray Ghaddafi and help execute the plans of Sarkozy for Libya.
All over again, criminals at the top play their games, and innocents get killed. We translate the news from Senegal.

But first, a”scorecard:”

Abdoulaye Wade, 92, was president of Senegal from 2000-2012.

Karim Wade, 50, his son, was his father’s “superminister” until 2012.

Seif El Islam is Seif El Islam Khaddafi, Khaddafi’s son, and informant against Sarkozy. Asserted that Sarkozy got €50 million from Libya for his 2007 campaign 

Ziad Takieddine is a French-Lebanese businessman who first brought Sarkozy to meet with Khaddafi. His testimony confirms the revelations of Seif El Islam Khaddafi.

Here we go:

Former Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade’s choice between money and friendship was quickly made in 2011. A long-time friend with the guide of Libya Muammar Gaddafi, Wade could not resist the 20 million dollars which was offered to him to execute the plans of Nicolas Sarkozy in Libya.
After the revelations of Seif El Islam in 2011 on the betrayal of Wade, it is Ziad Takieddine this time who turns up on the role of Wade as an accomplice to bring down Gaddafi.

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In 2011, when the so-called “Arab Spring” broke out, invisible hands preferred to intervene to transform what began as social protests into political revolutions. In some countries in North Africa, particularly in Libya, protests quickly turned into rebellion, plunging a country known for its stability into chaos. Behind the revolt, there were foreign hands but also African hands. Back to the story of a treason for 20 million euros.
Nicolas Sarkozy, the initiator
Today in custody to answer for his actions before the French justice, the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has always been presented as the main actor of the NATO intervention in Libya. An intervention by air strikes weakened the position of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and allowed the rebels to gain ground to defeat the regime’s forces.
Officially, the purpose of NATO’s intervention was “to prevent a president from killing his people”. Unofficially, the mission was to quash a voice that became a little too embarrassing. By using the strong way, the former tenant of the Elysee thought he could bury the Libyan guide and all his secrets with him. But he was not counting on Ziad Takieddine.The French-Lebanese arms dealer and businessman preferred to draw the light on the relationship between the assassination of Gaddafi and his financing of Sarkozy’s presidential campaign.

And that’s not all, Takieddine has just put forward the role played by Africans themselves in the fall of one of their brothers. In search of easy money, the former Senegalese president, Abdoulaye Wade, served Sarkozy’s interests in Libya, the French-Libyan just revealed in an interview with the press.
Abdoulaye Wade, Accomplice
“France has its valets in Africa. They do not worship God, they worship the Elysee. Some have their reasons. Abdoulaye Wade received 20 million euros for his son. It’s Qatar that paid, our spies tell us everything. But we have many friends on the continent.”
Nobody had believed in his words revealed by the son of Muammar Gaddafi, Seif El-Islam, in 2011. Today, after the confirmation of Ziad Takieddine, these words find their full meaning.

President of Senegal at the time, Wade was the first head of state to visit the rebel stronghold of Benghazi. Making Senegal the first country to recognize, on May 27, the CNT as “the only legitimate representative of the Libyan people,” Abdoulaye Wade spent about seven hours in the stronghold of the insurgents, from whom he had already received a delegation, in late May 2011.
These reckless and inexplicable actions at the time are now more understandable. Wade’s presence on the Libyan territory was not for mediation but to fulfill customary missions for the then French president.
In a statement to the panafrican magazine Jeune Afrique dated June 15, 2011, the same day of his visit to Libya, the former Senegalese head of state was betrayed by his own words. “I have repeatedly advised Gaddafi to step down before the International Criminal Court takes up his case,” he said, forgetting that he did not have the right to interfere in internal affairs of a country friendly to Senegal.

Karim Wade, the beneficiary
“Like father, like son” is the message sent to Senegalese by the man who brought down Nicolas Sarkozy, to draw their attention to the nature of Karim Wade. For Ziad Takieddine, the money raised by the father had the son as the beneficiary. However, these words are not new. Indeed, specialized jurisdictions in the fight against fraud in Senegal have already been interested in several cases dating back to the “prodigal” son of Abdoulaye Wade.

In 2013 in particular, the Special Prosecutor had been informed through judicial cooperation of a gift of 20 million euros donated to Senegal by way of donation a few months earlier. The amount quickly disappeared from the state coffers to end up in the hands of one of the close collaborators of the Wade regime said several newspapers at the time.An amount of $ 20 million was enough for Father Wade to secure the future of his son Karim. It was also the price to betray a long-standing friendship with Libyan guide Muammar Gaddafi. Indeed, the one who had asked the Senegalese to elect Wade President for life has quickly passed from the rank of close friend to “no friend at all.”

After his visit to Bengazi in 2011, Abdoulaye Wade did not hesitate to deny any friendship with the one he was about to betray. But for those who have known the relationship between the two men, there is no doubt, “if Gaddafi is not Wade’s friend, then Wade has no friends.”


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