The Forgotten Struggles Against the Deep State in North America (1945-1968) part I

John Diefenbaker's Northern Vision Sabotaged by Rhodes Scholars.

Postmedia News Archives A Feb. 2, 1963 photo of president John F. Kennedy (left) and prime minister John Diefenbaker.
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As our current world continues to be pulled in two opposing directions expressed by the dystopian “end of history” vision of the Deep State and their oligarchical masters on the one side and the new multi-polar model of “win-win cooperation” espoused by the Russia-China alliance on the other, it is a fitting moment to pause and review some of the leading battles against the the hives of Malthusian technocrats who infested western society in the wake of WWII. In revisiting this history at this current moment of potential, we will uncover some of the surprising heroes of the past whose efforts not only built what we enjoy today but strove for grander visions of what the world could be which though sabotaged long ago, could yet become our future once more.

This first report in our series “The Forgotten Struggles Against the Deep State” (published in the Canadian Patriot Review) intends to shed light on the sometimes paradoxical dynamics surrounding the failed Northern Vision and National Development Policy of Canada’s 13th Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker who led the Conservative Party to its first victory in 22 years in 1957 and remained in power until 1963. The broad scope of his Northern Vision policy would not be permitted to unfold for reasons that none but key officials in London working through Canada’s Privy Council Office and Civil Service would truly know anything about. These same institutions are behind current NATO-led attempts to thwart Arctic development even now as the China-Russia Polar Silk Road blossoms. These Rhodes Scholar/Fabian infested networks have done everything possible to keep the Arctic a domain of militarization which threaten World War III today.

The lessons we will learn through the analysis of those fights against the deep state coup in the post war years of 1945-1968 will shed a surprisingly powerful light on the events we are currently living through.

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