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Donetsk May 11. Svetlana Kisileva photo
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This Daily FRN News Brief is a summary of 16, articles about Donbass, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, Ukraine, Interview, Opinions, Poland, Libya, Mena, Latin-America, United-States, Venezuela, Anglo-5, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ngorno-Karabakh, Fake-News, Propaganda, Uae, Colombia, Syria, News, China.

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The five years of the Donbass Independence Referendum

Published 2019-05-12 21:28:19 by Tom Winter in Donbass, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, Ukraine

Karine Bechet-Golovko [Translator note: Karine Bechet-Golovko’s Russie Politics blog has been and remains a great source of Donbass news. Her blog “tries to decipher current Russian politics, to give dimension to all its richness and complexity, without cliches, without picking sides, and without any attempt to please everybody.” (… tenter de décrypter l’actualité politique russe, donner la dimension de toute sa richesse et sa complexité. Sans clichés et sans partis pris. Sans vouloir plaire à tout le monde.)] Five years ago, May 11, 2014, in the midst of civil war, Donbass, hoping to follow the path of Crimea, organized a referendum… Continue ->

Tags: DPR, Indepence Referendum, Lpr, Russian Passports

Zelensky’s Security Advisor Promises: WAR ON RUSSIA WILL CONTINUE!

Published 2019-05-12 20:21:56 by Joaquin Flores in Donbass, Eurasia, Headline-News, Interview, Opinions, Russia, Ukraine

By Alexander Grishin – May 12, 2019 –  Vladimir Zelensky, elected president of Ukraine, prefers to remain silent for the last few days, but his partner Igor Kolomoisky and members of the “Z  team” do not tire of performing in various media outlets depicting the contours of the Ukrainian future. With very important (no matter how to relate to the current state and potential of our neighbors), Ivan Aparshin, Zelensky’s advisor on security and defense, made statements of principle . The main thing that should be understood from his speech on the air of “Gromadsky Telebachenya” is that Zelensky will continue the course conducted by his predecessor Petro Poroshenko in… Continue ->

Tags: Aparshin, Donbass, DPR, Ethnic Cleansing, Lpr, Poroshenko, UAF, Volker, Zelensky

Where is Psychological Control by Anglo-Saxons Stronger – Poland or Kaliningrad?

Published 2019-05-12 20:05:17 by Joaquin Flores in Eurasia, Headline-News, Opinions, Poland, Russia

photo image – major shopping strip in Kaliningrad, Leninsky Prospect On the central streets of Kaliningrad – a total invasion of signs in English and German. The Kaliningrad international journalist Andrei Vypolzov explained this in his video blog. A colleague made a video review of the city center – Leninsky Prospect, Teatralnaya and Chernyakhovsky streets. “So, we are on Leninsky Prospect, on which our tanks and Iskanders were marching today to perform at the Victory Parade. What we see – Black Star Burger, Lord Infinity, Tasty Lab, Kaliningrad mobile, New Spring Collection, Authorized Reseller, but the inscriptions in German – Königsoptik, Königsbäcker – that is, the… Continue ->

Tags: Atomization, Commodification, Culture, Kaliningrad, Language, Poland, Russia

Libyans Increasingly Look to Haftar and Russia to Pull Libya from Muslim Brotherhood’s Failed State

Published 2019-05-12 19:41:27 by Guest Author in Headline-News, Libya, Mena, Russia

By Aleksandr Kots – war correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP), among the few journalists from the Russian media who is in Benghazi, reports from the war-torn country where havoc reigns for the past eight years . NEW OPPORTUNITIES The stone-colonnade of the Benghazi embankment – the eastern capital of Libya, which became opposition stronghold during the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 – is filled with the light of streetlights. My Libyan friend Ramzi specially suggested to meet here in the evening to show me the level of security on the street: one can walk until one’s heart’s content. In fact, I remembered… Continue ->

Tags: Failed State, GNA, Haftar, Libya, LNA, Reconstruction, Russia, War

White House instructs Guaido to instruct his envoy to meet Pentagon officials

Published 2019-05-12 19:16:05 by Joaquin Flores in Headline-News, Latin-America, United-States, Venezuela

WASHINGTON – The White House has instructed its own appointed leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaido, to instruct his self-declared envoy to the United States to meet with Pentagon officials, in order to work out “joint actions” of a military-intelligence nature. The aim is to overcome the political crisis which they themselves have reified into existence through their own destabilization campaign. “We instructed our ambassador [sic], Carlos Vecchio, to meet immediately … with the Southern Command (US Army) … to establish direct contact. We said from the very beginning that we will use all the resources at our disposal to increase… Continue ->

Tags: Coup, Guaido, Maduro, Puppet, U.S Imperialism, Vecchio, Venezuela

MAJOR: Iranian commander issues stern warning to U.S imperialists

Published 2019-05-12 18:46:29 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Iran, Mena, United-States

TEHRAN – On Sunday, a senior commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Amirali Hajizadeh, said the US military presence in the Gulf used to be a serious threat, but now it is an opportunity. According to the Iranian news agency ISNA , Amirali Hajizadeh said that in the past “an aircraft carrier with at least 40 to 50 aircraft and 6000 military personnel was a serious threat” to Iran. “But now the threats have turned into opportunities,” added Amirali Hajizadeh, head of the aerospace division of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. “If the Americans make a move, we… Continue ->

Tags: Iran, IRGC, US

EXPOSED: Capitalism Destroyed U.S military capacity – artificially inflated price of overrated F-35

Published 2019-05-12 18:14:10 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Headline-News, United-States

WASHINGTON DC – Lockheed Martin, the US military giant, has agreed to reduce the price of its F-35 stealth fighters by 10% since Boeing is also making an offer and is being considered as an alternative option by the US military. US President Donald Trump himself has repeatedly criticized the F-35 program as “out of control.” Lockheed Martin has made a new price proposal to the Pentagon for its most affordable fighter, the F-35A. The company proposes to sell the aircraft for less than $80 million each if the US Department of Defense buys 100 aircraft, Defense One reported. The… Continue ->

Tags: F35, Pentagon, US

Karabakh prepares for war and hopes for peace: 25 years of fragile truce

Published 2019-05-12 17:43:56 by FRN Editorial Board in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Eurasia, Headline-News, Ngorno-Karabakh, Opinions

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the entry into force of the cease-fire agreement in the Karabakh conflict zone. Exactly a quarter of a century ago, on May 12, 1994, the first Karabakh war of 1991-1994 was terminated with a trilateral and indefinite document. The signatures of the agreement, which is still in force, were put by the representatives of Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan – who at that time held the posts of defense ministers. Among the signatories of the document was Serzh Sargsyan , from 2008 to 2018, who was at the highest state post in Armenia. The agreement is tripartite, but over the… Continue ->

Tags: Aliyev, Karabakh, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Pashinyan, Serzh Sargsyan

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Unconfirmed Reports: American, French Air-Force attack on 7 oil tankers at UAE part of al-Fujairah

Published 2019-05-12 16:34:25 by Joaquin Flores in Fake-News, Headline-News, Mena, Propaganda, Uae

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – FRN is seeking confirmation of powerful explosions that have been reported in the Emirati port of al-Fujairah, where seven oil tankers are said to have caught fire. All together, FRN’s best assessment is that these and similar reports from May 8th, may be connected to a larger psychological warfare operation underway, which Iranian authorities have accused the U.S of  conducting with its deployment of the USS Abraham Lincoln to the Persian Gulf. The blasts are said to have taken place early on Sunday morning, according to the Lebanon-based Al Mayadeen television channel, which reported the development… Continue ->

Tags: Al-Fujairah, Fake News, Iran, PressTV, Psy-Ops, Psychological Warfare, UAE

DONBASS UNDER ASSAULT: Ukrainian Forces Attack Multiple Villages

Published 2019-05-12 16:12:46 by Joaquin Flores in Donbass, Eurasia, Headline-News, Propaganda, Russia, Ukraine

DONBASS – It has just become known that between 14:20 and 14:50, Ukrainian attackers launched 2 anti-tank guided missiles in the city of Dokuchaevsk, south of Donetsk, from the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the village of Novotroitskoye. The representatives of the DPR in the JCCC made this public just hours ago. Earlier, Ukrainian armed groups opened fire on the suburb of Gorlovka- Zaytsevo village. A direct hit was recorded on a residential building, and it caught on fire, it is reported by residents. In addition, between 13: 25–13: 55 from the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine… Continue ->

Tags: Aggression, DPR, Gorlovka, Sakhanka, Spartak, UAF, War Crimes, Zaitsevo


Published 2019-05-12 15:39:25 by Joaquin Flores in Colombia, Headline-News, Latin-America

BOGOTA – The Colombian government has claimed that the head of the rebel group National Liberation Army (ELN), Adalberto Fuentes Rangel, call-sign “Darius”, was martyred in a battle with troops of Army  of Colombia  in the department of Arauca, in the northeast of the country. The Army said that Fuentes Rangel, who was 32 years old, entered the ELN from age 12, where he was a sniper, expert in the handling of explosives and coordinated attacks on the Caño Limón-Coveñas pipeline, one of the most important in the country. Atlanticist proxy and puppet of U.S imperialism, Colombian President Iván Duque, congratulated the… Continue ->

Tags: Anti-Imperialism, Colombia, ELN, Liberation Theology, Marxism, National Liberation Army, Socialism

MAJOR: Syrian Army steamrolls jihadists, liberates new towns near Idlib

Published 2019-05-12 15:15:50 by Paul Antonopoulos in Headline-News, Mena, Syria

HAMA – The Syrian army has freed three more villages on the border with Idlib province from the militant power of the al-Nusra Front terrorist group, Lebanese broadcaster Al-Mayadeen reported Saturday. The army liberated the villages of al-Jamaziya, Bab al-Taqa and Mustariha, in the northwest region of Hama province. Earlier on Saturday, the Syrian army crossed the southern administrative border of Idlib and established control over other villages after clashes with the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra terrorists. This was reported by the Al-Watan newspaper. “The Syrian army crossed the administrative border in southern Idlib province and took control of the villages… Continue ->

Tags: Idlib, SAA, Syria

MAJOR: American Authorities Cut-off Power and Water to Venezuelan Embassy – Violating Vienna Convention, International Law

Published 2019-05-12 14:49:53 by Joaquin Flores in Anglo-5, Headline-News, News, United-States, Venezuela

WASHINGTON – The Venezuelan diplomatic mission in Washington now goes into an entire week without electricity, when U.S sanctioned saboteurs illegally shut-off the utility. Peace activists sympathetic to the Venezuelan government have been demonstrating in support of the embassy of Venezuela in the United States ( US ), based in Washington, and report that the siege to which they have been subjected for almost a month has increased, now with the cutting off of potable water service to the building. On Wednesday May 8th, a team of the PEPCO utility company cut off the electricity from the diplomatic headquarters, leaving the activists installed inside without power…. Continue ->

Tags: Diplomacy, Guaido, International Law, Maduro, USA, Venezuela Embassy, Vienna Convention

TOTAL WAR: Iran shows it can destroy US Navy with a Single Missile

Published 2019-05-12 14:15:52 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Iran, Mena, United-States

TEHRAN – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said his country is facing “total war” due to a series of economic and political sanctions on the part of the United States, something never seen in the last decades. In a speech in Tehran on Saturday, Rouhani called for unity and cohesion in the country at a time of unprecedented pressure on Iran, according to PressTV. Rouhani said that US sanctions against Iran’s banking sector, international trade and oil exports are even stricter than those that the country suffered during the 8-year war with Iraq, which followed the Islamic Revolution of 1979. “At… Continue ->

Tags: Aggression, Iran, US

Evremov – 1971: The Destruction of Societies Occurs through the Loss of Morality

Published 2019-05-12 13:50:47 by Guest Author in Eurasia, Headline-News, Opinions, Russia

Ivan Evremov, April 22, 1908 – October 5, 1972 – was a Soviet paleontologist, science fiction author and social thinker. He is the originator of the concept of taphonomy, the study of fossilization patterns. One month after his death in October of 1972, the KGB sealed off his modest apartment on the Spasoglinischevsky Pereulok, full of books, diaries, scientific treatises, maps, notebooks, and many other items. In the 1940s, Efremov developed a new scientific field called taphonomy, for which he was awarded the Stalin prize in 1952. His book Taphonomy was published in 1950. He applied many taphonomic principles in his field work during a paleontological expedition to the Gobi desert… Continue ->

Tags: Evremov, Freud, Morality, Noosphere, Psychology, Society, Sociology

Monroe Doctrine: Can the US really expel Russia and China from its ‘backyard’?

Published 2019-05-12 13:20:15 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, China, Eurasia, Headline-News, Latin-America, Russia, United-States

WASHINGTON DC – The president of the United States, Donald Trump, is frustrated by the failure in Venezuela and questioned the aggressive strategy of his government. This was reported by The Washington Post citing White House officials and advisers as sources. What made Trump lose his patience was the failed coup attempt that the opposition Juan Guaidó led on April 30 and only won the support of a few low-ranking military personnel. After that episode, Trump complained that National Security Adviser John Bolton, among others, underestimated Maduro, said the newspaper. Geopolitics graduate Damian Jacubovich considered that the frustration of the… Continue ->

Tags: China, Maduro, Monroe Doctrine, Putin, Russia, US, Venezuela

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