They are not really “broke” – USA to give $250 million to Ukraine for weapons


The US Congress has established a draft law that provides for $250 million to be paid to Ukraine for the next year for security purposes, of which $50 million will be reserved exclusively for the procurement of deadly weapons of defensive character.

In addition, in a document which, before signing the president, should be voted at the House of Representatives of the United States and the Senate, it is stated that the funds will be used for the implementation of programs such as training of soldiers, delivery of military equipment and ammunition, but also for logistics and intelligence.

If this law is adopted, the already difficult relations between Russia and Ukraine will be hindered, and Yuriy Shvitkin, deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma for Defense Committee, said that this amount “is very worrying” and that all military expenditures carry with them “aggression towards others countries.” He stressed that Kiev should think about a peaceful resolution of the situation in Donbass, not about arming.

Russian political scientists believe that in this situation the question should be asked: Why does the Congress generally make such decisions and what improvement can be discussed between Moscow and Washington, if the Americans continue their militaristic policies?

“The American elite is perceiving Ukraine as a stronghold against Russia. And it is quite natural that money that is regularly allocated by the Pentagon, including for deadly weapons, only contributes to strengthening this stronghold. We are well aware that the instructors’ missions from Pentagon and NATO are there permanently there, that there is an information center in Lviv, which, in my opinion, is actually one of the sources of cyber terrorism, which regularly works on the territory of Russia and what is unusual in the territory of Poland. It is also an intelligence center,” Russian expert Maksim Zharov said.

Zharov adds that Ukraine is not an American stronghold only against Russia, but also against small, new EU countries, which should also be kept “on the backside”.

“According to that, the armaments that existed during the time of Poroshenko’s authority, I think, will continue, when Zelenski is at the head of the country. Nothing will change here, “considers Zharov.

Politician Rostislav Ishenko says that this is a “negligible amount”, less than the value of a modern tank.

“Approximately, this is one-third or one-fourth or even one-sixth of the value of a modern aircraft. It should be remembered that in 2014 and 2015 the US allocated $600 million. That is, the reduction has more than doubled, and this has happened because the United States and themselves are aware that this money is set aside.”

Ishenko adds that, however, the United States does not cease to fully finance the armament of Ukraine and that these funds are budgeted.

“Second, the US supports Ukraine in words. In America, there is a struggle between Democrats and Republicans… Ukraine is a democracy project, and if Trump stops financing, he will immediately blame him for sacrificing American interests because of his conspiracy with Russia. ”

When asked how dangerous this weaponry is to Ukraine and what it can bring, Ishenko reiterates that it is a very small amount.

“Ukraine is not a rich country. The Ukrainian military budget is about $ 5 billion, and $ 250 million, according to the Americans, is the twentieth of the Ukrainian military budget. I would say that this is purely ‘political money’ and that the Americans are guided by the principle: ‘We can not give anything, we give something.’ This is not an additional threat to Russia, judging by the dynamics. On the contrary, this shows that the US is deeply disappointed in Ukraine,” said Ishenko.

Washington has been arming Ukraine for several years. At first, the Americans made false promises that they would not deliver deadly weapons. However, it soon became known that the United States supplied sniper rifles, anti-tank missiles “Javelin” and actively redeemed the Ukrainian army.

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