U.S plans to continue attempts to destabilize Russia via Ukraine, Syria

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MOSCOW – May 29, 2019 – Russian Defense Minister Andrei Ilnitsky told the Zvezda TV channel that the United States is taking steps to destabilize Russia.

He pointed out to the channel that the US corporation RAND, a strategic research center for the US government, has prepared a multi-page report describing actions to pressure Russia.

According to the document, Washington indirectly plans to put pressure Russia through Ukraine and Syria. In particular, the United States should continue to provide arms to Ukraine, as well as actively support opposition groups in Syria.

In addition, the military high added that the United States will try to remove the Russian military from Transnistria, but such a step is not a priority for them.

In addition, the US continues to build a “destabilizing arc” from the Black Sea to the Baltic, where Belarus now plays a key role.

“For them, the debut scheme and their priority is Ukraine, they are actively starting to look at the Caucasus, they keep Belarus in focus, they will continue to shake Syria,” the Russian official emphasized.

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At the same time, he noted that Washington is paying more and more attention to relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan and, in his opinion, can “play” with its contradictions.

In addition, the report also proposes to weaken Russia by encouraging the emigration of qualified personnel and educated young people from the country.

“This suggests that education, the struggle for the minds should be in focus, because it is a matter of national security,” he explained, emphasizing that the United States sees this as both strength and weakness as Russia.

In conclusion, the Defense Minister’s aide stressed that the entire RAND report describes steps that should “break our plans and deprive us of our vision for tomorrow,” as well as destroy ideology and provoke conflict. However, he pointed out that Washington still does not understand how strong Russia has become.

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