U.S responds to its own failed coup attempt by leaking info on deploying Five-Thousand Blackwater Mercenaries


CARACAS – The attempted coup d’état initiated by opposition leader Juan Guaidó at Francisco de Miranda’s military base aims to “justify a military intervention by the US government,” opines the analyst and former director of International Relations of the Presidency of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein.

Rodriguez Gelfenstein estimates that the uprising on Tuesday morning at the military base known as “La Carlota” happened “far from the Government Palace” and did not have substantial support from the people and the Armed Forces.

In fact, said the analyst, “many of the soldiers retired because they said they were deceived” to participate in the action deployed near La Carlota by Guaidó and Leopoldo López, who left his house despite being under house arrest.

Gelfenstein commented that “thirty soldiers supporting Guaidó do not compare to the 335,000 men and 2 million militiamen” that make up the Armed Forces of Venezuela. The numbers, however, are disputed. Independent analysis, however, shows that no more than 200,000 men and women form the militias, and it is not possible to confirm the number of soldiers still loyal to the Maduro government.

Rodriguez Gelfenstein noted that “it is clear” that the coup attempt would not overthrow the Nicolas Maduro government, but warned of the true purpose behind the maneuver.

“It is a provocation so that there is an excessive action of the forces in Venezuela that would serve as a justification for the US government to militarily intervene,” he summarized.

The expert recalled that Venezuela “is under threat from Trump and [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo and if something happens to Guaidó, they will intervene” and considered that the government of Maduro should act with “a lot of sense, a lot of patience, very strong political management, but firmly.”

At the same time, he said that the government of Maduro bets on “mobilizing the people” around the Miraflores Palace to avoid a coup.

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On Tuesday morning, the self-proclaimed president Guaidó released a video in which, accompanied by Leopoldo Lopez and a group of soldiers, he called on the people to mobilize against Maduro’s government and “restore freedom” in the country.

The images were recorded at the Francisco Miranda Military Base, also known as La Carlota, located in the east of Caracas, on the Francisco Fajardo highway.

In response to this, the U.S has upped its own psy-ops ante, and has allowed the mercenary company, known commonly as Blackwater (and other iterations – Greystone, Xe, Academi, etc.), to ‘self-leak’ that it is in talks with various Venezuelan expatriate elites to send in 5,000 mercenary soldiers. How these can be successfully used in an overt-fashion is unknown. But as is normally the case, the U.S leaks these to see how various other actors will respond beforehand, or conversely, to tacitly admit that such has already been done and that such individuals are already on the ground.

In a series of private meetings, the Blackwater owner Eric Prince reportedly pitched an idea to deploy 5,000 soldiers-for-hire from Colombia and other South American nations on behalf of Juan Guaido, th U.S appointed Venezuelan opposition ‘leader’ and self-proclaimed interim president.

The American propaganda outlet Reuters gave its spin, that neither the White House, nor the Maduro government had responded to the comments, while Edward Rodriguez, a spokesman for Guaido, said that the country’s opposition officials had not discussed security ops with Prince.

As for Prince, his spokesperson Marc Cohen said earlier this month that the Blackwater founder had “no plans to operate or implement an operation in Venezuela”.

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