U.S Soldiers reveal how their lives were destroyed by War

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WASHINGTON DC – The official Twitter of the US Army conducted a survey to find out how the service impacted the lives of its military.

Today, more than 9,000 people have already shared their views. While they find that Army service physically and emotionally strengthens people, gives meaning to their lives, and opens up career prospects, there are many other comments with skeptical and critical statements about the US Army’s influence in the world, the country and its personal life.

“How have you served me? IT RUINED MY LIFE. Not because of what I saw. Not because of the nightmares. Not because of the daily pain. Not because of the Breathing issues. Not because of the Anxiety and Depression. Because when I returned home you tossed me to the curb,” said one former soldier.

Several people shared stories of their family members who committed suicide, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, undergone radical changes in character and behavior or ceased to be healthy after participating in US military actions.

In addition, there are those whose family members or themselves were abused during the service.

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“I did not serve, but my mom did. She was raped by one of her commanding officers. My family and I did not know about it until almost 15 years after she was discharged. Now she has PTSD and depression,” said another Twitter user.

Other users have recalled that the horrors of the war leave scars on the mind.

“My childhood best friend went in the Army, the happiest of young men, came out utterly changed and shortly afterward put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. I hate you,” recalled another person.

Several other social networking users shared sad stories about how the service destroyed their lives and how the state offered no help at all.

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